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Enabling the Digital Business through IT Operations Summary
The following is a quick, four-step guide to regaining upward mobility in the enterprise and amongst your competitors by modernizing people, processes and tools.

sponsored by: Unisys
Ultimate Software Summary
This white paper outlines how one SaaS company was able to improve performance and protect data effectively with SSD. Read on learn how their SSD system worked seamlessly with their VMware cloud platform, allowing them to achieve a strong ROI quickly.

sponsored by: Solidfire
A Crystal Ball for Your Data Center Summary
In the following white paper, learn how vSphere with Operations Management can give you the ability to monitor the health, risk, and efficiency of your virtualized data centers. Read on to learn how this technology can help manage the emerging challenges that virtualization can create, and can shape the future of your IT performance.

sponsored by: VMware, Inc.
Working better together A study of collaboration and innovation in the workplace Summary
In the following white paper, learn about the importance of collaboration in the workplace. Read on to uncover the benefits of successful collaboration, how forward-thinking companies are creating a culture of collaboration, and finally, learn how to select the right collaboration tools for your business.

sponsored by: Google
Six Ways IT Will Move from the Back Office to the Boardroom Summary
This white paper highlights the 6 dynamic ways IT is transforming its role from back office support to front and center in the boardroom. Read on to catch the 6 newest enterprise IT trends.

sponsored by: Polycom, Inc.
Penton WP: Modernizing Your SQL Server Infrastructure Summary
Access this white paper to discover how 24x7 availability could ensure that your SQL server databases and IT infrastructure are agile and effective. Read now to devise your own SQL server infrastructure plan.

sponsored by: NetApp
Choosing an online backup tool - Why speed should be a key consideration Summary
In the following white paper, uncover why speed is one of the most important factors when considering an online backup tool. Additionally, learn about an online backup tool that can deliver the speed necessary to avoid costly mishaps.

sponsored by: LogicNow
Case Study: 3 Companies Integrate Success with 6 Embedded BI Techniques Summary
This document will help you determine which approach to embedded BI is right for you. Uncover the advantages you'll experience with proper BI software selection after you review 6 integration techniques to get you started.

sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.
Using NoSQL for High-Performance Applications: Introducing the NoSQL Maturity Model Summary
This white paper describes what NoSQL database technology is and how it makes taking advantage of unstructured data possible. Additionally, you will learn the steps to implementing a NoSQL solution in your organization with a NoSQL maturity model. Read on to uncover the advantages of NoSQL technology in this data-saturated world.

sponsored by: Basho Technologies
Your Role in AWS Security Summary
To secure Amazon Web Services, users need to do their part by being smart about IAM permissions and AWS security groups.

sponsored by: SearchAWS
Case Study: Improving Customer Satisfaction with Enhanced Service Management Summary
This white paper describes how a telecommunications company obtained a more efficient method of service management that enabled the business to expand.

sponsored by: Unisys
The Data-Driven Organization: How to Unlock Greater Value from Data Summary
This white paper explores today's data management challenges in the context of the 3rd Platform, particularly around cloud and Big Data/analytics, and explains how organizations can drive real value from their data.

sponsored by: Commvault
Tap the Potential of Shadow IT Summary
This white paper examines the role of IT in the new landscape, offering insights from IT and businesses that have leveraged Google Apps for Work to empower employees with collaboration tools they know and love while providing robust security and controls that protect data, and ultimately, allowing you to capitalize on the Shadow IT movement.

sponsored by: Google
Oracle Cloud Platform For Application Development Summary
This white paper explains the benefits of Oracle's cloud platform and four major application workloads that the cloud supports. Read on to learn more about the capabilities of Oracle's cloud platform.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation
Scale-Out Storage, Scale-Out Compute, and the Network Summary
In the following white paper, learn about a switch system that provides key network capabilities to help ensure optimal scale-out performance in distributed storage and distributed compute environments. Access now and learn how this technology can help your business meet the storage needs of the current market and in the future.

sponsored by: Brocade

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