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Real-Time Analytics for the Cognitive Era Summary
In this resource hub on real-time analytics, learn how innovative technologies are helping organizations put enterprise data to work in analytics. Dig into essential webcasts, case studies, and featured content on maximizing information to achieve results in the cognitive era, turning big data into actionable insights, and more.

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Ready to Go Cloud—What Now? Summary
For many organizations, it's no longer a question of if, but how to move to the cloud. This white paper provides 6 strategies for transitioning to the cloud, including: get clear about the problem you're solving, leveraging the cloud to rethink the way you do things, be as flexible as the cloud itself, and 3 more.

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5 Best Practices for Tableau & Hadoop Summary
The Big Data era has arrived. Data volumes are accelerating and organizationsare shifting their data infrastructures to support the new normal in data. Read on to learn five best practices for taking advantage of your available data.

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PCIe Flash Array Architecture Summary
Discover a storage architecture designed specifically around PCIe flash and storage QoS and Service Levels that simplifies data management and prioritization. See how this flash architecture can boost the availability and performance of your storage.

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When to Adopt the Lift-and-Shift Cloud Migration Model Summary
This e-guide looks at the different ways of migrating apps to the cloud: re-architecting and "lift and shift" and which path an individual apps should take. Not all apps are created the same, and figuring out the correct approach could save an enterprise time and money.

sponsored by: New Relic
Buyer's Checklist: Hybrid Flash Arrays Summary
Though all-flash arrays are hot, not everyone needs them. Hybrid flash arrays offer the performance of flash, with the price of spinning disk, for less frequently accessed data.

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VM-Aware Storage for Dummies Summary
Access this comprehensive book to explore one type of virtual storage method and learn what it can do for your virtualized and cloud environments including understanding conventional storage challenges, getting up to speed on current virtualization options and more.

sponsored by: Tintri
Optimizing Database Storage Optimization for Dummies Summary
Examine the market trends that are driving the demands for better database performance, how to drive business value with database storage technologies and innovations, and key performance optimization capabilities to look for in a storage solution. Access now to discover how to improve your database performance and response times.

sponsored by: NetApp
Online Fraud Benchmark Report Summary
To advance the industry's management of online fraud and business optimization, this report examines the online and mobile fraud landscape in Australia. Learn what 197 business professionals who make fraud management decisions had to say about this market and how it affects selling goods or services online.

sponsored by: CyberSource
Computer Weekly Developer Cloud and Mobility Planning Kit Summary
The intersection of two huge technology zones like cloud computing and mobility are bound to be hot, and it can also be challenging for app developers and planners. Computer Weekly, in this development special, has put together four comprehensive pieces of content that are set to help with all your cloud computing and mobility needs.

sponsored by: Microsoft
Service On-Demand: Diving into the Future of Customer Service Summary
Discover in this report the on-demand, omnichannel customer self-service model your organization should consider when accommodating consumers in the APAC region. Read on to additionally discover 4 next steps for on-demand leaders, advising to embrace disruption and the new age of customer self-service.

sponsored by: Genesys
The Path to Payoff on Big Data Analytics Summary
Before you can reap the benefits of big data initiatives, it's important to strategize and plan – the earlier, the better. In this exclusive e-book, uncover real-life examples of successful big data analytics efforts and project management tips. Get advice on how to leverage big data technology for your company's success.

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The Digital Roadmap Demands a New Kind of ITSM Support Summary
The IT service management (ITSM) times truly are a' changing, and traditional ITSM tactics just don't cut it in today's digitally disrupted marketplace. Discover in this expert guide how to boost IT service delivery in today's digitally enabled marketplace, see how SABRE technology redefines ITSM support.

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在数字经济时代实现快速发展 Summary

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Top 10 Cloud Trends 2016 Summary
Learn 10 current cloud trends that are impacting the way businesses like yours look at their data, including: cloud analytics help IT, moving data to the cloud gets closer to copy/paste, hybrid cloud strategies get easier, and 7 more.

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