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Power Market Consulting Selects Quantrix 64

Originally published January 29, 2009

Quantrix recently announced that Power Market Consulting, Inc. has chosen Quantrix 64, a business modeling and analytics software solution for companies that develop large-scale, data-intensive business and financial models. The new product's 64-bit processing capability enables enterprise customers to create scalable, comprehensive models. Power Market Consulting, a provider of regulatory and business systems consulting services to California's deregulated power market, has selected the 64-bit version of Quantrix to develop Congestion Revenue Rights Decision Support System (CRR-DSS). CRR-DSS enables the users to value power delivery costs associated with congestion and transmission losses from various injection and takeout points in California using multiple sets of electric power price forecasts.

Power Market Consulting's model helps its clients estimate future energy delivery costs from power purchase/sales agreements and develop strategies as to which transmission rights to acquire and how much they should bid to purchase them. It has used the 32-bit version of Quantrix Modeler technology for more than two years, and was one of the first to adopt the new 64-bit version. Because energy delivery costs are determined by a number of factors, including the time of day and locations of injection and takeout points (approximately 1,000 points and areas), Power Market Consulting needed technology that could accommodate more than 80 million data points and deliver the analysis to clients in a clear and effective manner.

"Rather than using a patchwork of technologies such as databases and traditional spreadsheets which are complex and cumbersome, we can include all of the data into one efficient, scalable Quantrix 64 model, and quickly and easily pull up the client-specific analysis as a client requests different scenarios," says Henry Shin, Founder, Power Market Consulting, Inc. "We can provide numerical and graphical results on-the-fly and provide a structured decision-making environment where our client can feel confident about their business decisions."

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