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Fuzzy Logix and Netezza Partner

Originally published October 30, 2008

Fuzzy Logix recently announced its partnership with data warehouse and analytic appliance provider Netezza. This partnership will marry the Netezza platform with Fuzzy Logix’ quantitative models and web–based solutions to provide turn–key solutions capable of handling advanced analytics on very large amounts of data while eliminating the need for long, capital–intensive development projects.   Together Netezza and Fuzzy Logix will help create the world’s first Quantitatively Driven Companiestm, providing solutions that drive higher sales, support better planning and optimize operations by leveraging math and artificial intelligence on the Netezza platform.

Fuzzy Logix has demonstrated analytic solutions, including internet marketing optimization, behavioral segmentation, forecasting and prediction and inventory optimization, which run orders–of–magnitude faster on the Netezza platform. 

According to Fuzzy Logix, CEO Partha Sen, “The power of the Netezza platform and the introduction of OnStream analytics have created a perfect host environment for hundreds of our quantitative models.  When performing complex analysis on massive data sets, companies no longer have to wait hours for results but instead receive them almost immediately.  For situations like investment banking, time is truly of the essence since market conditions change so fast that long wait times for results can cost millions of dollars.”

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