Highmark Inc. Expands with Teradata

Originally published February 22, 2008

Teradata Corporation a provider in enterprise data warehousing, recently announced that Highmark Inc., the largest health insurer in Pennsylvania and one of the largest in the U.S., continues to expand its Teradata Warehouse and its multiple-terabyte information assets. The large-scale analytics expansion increases the company's production environment and supports the shift to active data warehousing (ADW). ADW is the integration of analytical and day-to-day operational intelligence for making decisions at the right time to positively influence actions at the point of interaction or service.

The upgrade will allow Highmark to further expand its analytical environment in the future to assist with the consolidation of its organization with Independence Blue Cross. Teradata continues to be Highmark's provider of choice despite competing motions from IBM, HP and Netezza. Teradata Professional Services is continuously engaged in implementing and expanding this and other healthcare data warehousing installations.

Highmark uses the Teradata database to analyze multiple terabytes of detailed data linked to millions of health insurance claims, patient experiences, doctors, hospitals, treatments, procedures and enrollment groups to answer complex questions and gain insight into trends, costs and quality of care. The data warehouse supports programs for health care condition and treatment management, fraud detection, customer relationship management and reporting.

"Teradata helps leading companies improve operating efficiencies and uncover new business insights that create competitive differentiation. This is accomplished through the ability to execute detailed analysis very quickly — in time to affect a business opportunity. The return on investment associated with these business analytic capabilities is enormous," said Rick Morton, Vice President, Teradata financial services, insurance and healthcare industries. "The Highmark case study shows many ways that Teradata enables business value by dramatically accelerating the performance on various types of analytical workloads. Teradata offers an excellent data warehouse environment for health care companies and other industry segments that compete on analytics. Teradata performance and scalability capabilities are unmatched in the marketplace."

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