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SQL Power Releases Open Source Data Cleansing Tool

Originally published November 19, 2007

SQL Power published the source code of their popular data cleansing tool the Power MatchMaker on their website. This release makes them the first-to-market with a commercially-supported open source data cleansing tool that cleanses, de-dupes and corrects addresses globally.

"In support of the Open Source movement and following up on our very popular open source data modeling tool the PowerArchitect, SQL Power is providing companies with a low cost alternative to SAS's DataFlux and other proprietary data cleansing tools, that typically cost well over $100,000 in license fees, SQL Power has decided to distribute the Power MatchMaker for free to organizations around the world that need to cleanse and de-dupe their CRM or data warehouse data. By embracing the open source model, we're also leveraging the efforts of the world-wide Java community." said Sam Selim, President of SQL Power.

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