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A Holiday Card

Originally published December 23, 2004

2004 has been a year in which data warehousing and the Corporate Information Factory (CIF) has continued to grow—not just in the United States but around the world. Indeed, the reasons why a data warehouse is a fundamental of technology have nothing to do with international boundaries or language. Now we have a data warehouse boom in China, Africa, and other Asian countries.

So, as we look with satisfaction at the spread of data warehousing, it is time to send Holiday Cheer to the vendors and workers who have made it all happen.

For innovation during 2004 there are two special “thank you’s” I’d like to give out. One is to Centerboard for their pioneering work in virtual operational data stores (VODSs) and the other is to Sand Technology for the innovative lifecycle management software. These two innovations are probably the highlights of the year. A Holiday stocking for Sand and CenterBoard.

For solid implementations of data warehousing and an understanding of the architecture surrounding data warehouse, thanks and Happy Holidays to Knightsbridge Consulting and Bearing Point. The clatter of reindeer hooves on the roof for Knightsbridge and Bearing Point. For overseas implementations of data warehousing, thanks to PhdBrazil in Brazil and to Intellego in Mexico and Latin America. Happy Holidays to PhdBrazil and Intellego. For the implementation of a brilliant data warehouse, a red candy cane for Datamat—Luca Ferri—of Italy.

For continuing innovation in the arena of global data warehousing, Holiday Cheers to Kalido. A Johnny Mathis song for Kalido. For innovation in metadata in the face of adversity, cheers to DAG (Data Advantage Group).  A reindeer with a red nose for DAG. For continuing excellence under the guidance of Bob Lokken, there is Proclarity. A gingerbread house for Bob and ProClarity.

For being the workhorses of the industry, Happy Holidays to IBM and Teradata. Lots of brightly wrapped presents for IBM and Teradata. For simply outstanding contributions in the hardware industry and truly out-of-the-box innovation, hats off to Netezza.  A cup of hot chocolate for Netezza. For architectural excellence on a massive scope, very warm greetings to my German friends—Heinz Haefner, Peter Grendel, Kalus Kreplin and Juergen Haupt—at SAP. A cheerful nut cracker for my German friends. For the willingness to explore new frontiers, Holiday Greetings to Sun Microsystems and Steve Dickson. A sleigh ride through the snow for Sun.

For general domination of the market space and for ongoing support, a cup of cheer to Business Objects and MicroStrategy. Some hot buttered rum for Business Objects and MicroStrategy.

For continuing innovation and for developing an important part of the architecture almost single handedly, a red and green holiday wreath with a big bow to Princeton Softech.

A box of freshly baked cookies to Sybase for their alternative technology. A Holiday wreath of pine branches, red bows and holly to Computer Associates for their long-term support of the CIF.

And finally, at a local level, a Holiday carol sung by Mrs. Tyson’s first grade class to Core Integration for their long-term understanding of data warehousing and their innovations through Dan Linstedt.

Happy Holidays to all.

  • Bill InmonBill Inmon

    Bill is universally recognized as the father of the data warehouse. He has more than 36 years of database technology management experience and data warehouse design expertise. He has published more than 40 books and 1,000 articles on data warehousing and data management, and his books have been translated into nine languages. He is known globally for his data warehouse development seminars and has been a keynote speaker for many major computing associations.

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