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Winners of Business Intelligence Network’s 2006 Data Visualization Competition Announced

Originally published August 8, 2006

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) August 8, 2006 – The Business Intelligence Network is pleased to announce the results of its 2006 Data Visualization Competition. The competition was conducted from May 9 through July 14, 2006.

Organized and judged by Stephen Few, data visualization expert and author, the competition required contestants to submit visual representations of data to solve the business problems identified in the scenario descriptions Few provided. Contestants were able to submit a solution for any or all of the five different scenarios provided. From the 68 entries received, one comprehensive winner was selected, as well as one winner for each individual scenario.
“Data visualization extends our ability to make sense of and communicate business information. It provides the means to fulfill the promise of business intelligence (BI), but only if BI software vendors develop the tools and businesspeople develop the skills needed to apply it effectively. The winners of the Business Intelligence Network’s 2006 Data Visualization Competition show us what data visualization can achieve when it’s done right. I hope this competition and the follow-up articles that will feature the winners will help to expand the reach of effective data visualization beyond the domain of a few to ‘business as usual’ for many,” says Few.

All submissions were received and cataloged by the Business Intelligence Network. Any information that could have identified the submitter was removed before the solutions were distributed for judging.  Stephen Few reviewed and judged all submissions, and he selected the winners based on the effectiveness of their solutions.

The winners of the 2006 Data Visualization Competition are:

Comprehensive Winner – all five scenarios

Contestants who submitted a solution for all five scenarios were eligible for is award. The 2006 winner is:

Xan Gregg

Scenario 1 – expense budget performance

Contestants were required to develop a visualization that depicted expense budget performance during the current year across 12 departments. The 2006 winner is:
Dylan Cotter

Scenario 2 – monthly account activities

Contestants were required to design a visualization that could be used by bank customers to track their checking account activities during a single month. The 2006 winner is:

Xan Gregg

Scenario 3 – real estate sales-related variables

Contestants were required to create a visualization that would allow real estate agents to view several characteristics of house sales in a given month to better understand the current housing market. The 2006 winner is:

Dr. Jock Mackinlay
Tableau Software

Scenario 4 – dashboard design

Contestants were required to create the visual design for a dashboard for commercial airline executives. The 2006 winner is:

Andreas Flockermann
BonaVista Systems

Scenario 5 (Tie) – elective business case

Contestants were able to submit any data visualization that they believed displayed quantitative business data in a manner that effectively supports people in their efforts to understand the data in meaningful ways. 

          Dr. Jock Mackinlay
          Tableau Software

          Xan Gregg

The winning solutions will be featured in upcoming issues of the data visualization edition of the Business Intelligence Newsletter as well as in the “Articles” section of Stephen Few’s Expert Channel on http://www.beyenetwork.com/.

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