Sun and Greenplum Launch Open Source Data Warehouse Appliance for BI

Originally published July 26, 2006

Sun Microsystems, and Greenplum recently unveiled a data warehouse appliance built from open source software and general purpose systems. Powered by the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) and PostgreSQL, both the mature product of open source development, this breakthrough solution aims to deliver two orders of magnitude better price-performance over the competition. As one of the first data warehouse appliances from a major systems vendor, the solution combines Sun's new “Thumper” Sun Fire X4500 data server powered by Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors with Greenplum's massively parallel distribution of PostgreSQL, Bizgres MPP, in a single turnkey appliance capable of analyzing hundreds of terabytes of business data at a better price-performance than virtually any product on the market.

The data warehouse appliance capitalizes on the incredibly high data throughput and storage density of the Sun Fire X4500 x64 server with AMD Opteron processors and Greenplum's Scale-Everything parallel database architecture to move processing near the storage, dramatically boosting performance 10 to 50 times over existing systems. With its unique Query-In-Storage design, the solution is capable of scanning 1 terabyte of data in 60 seconds and can easily scale to hundreds of terabytes of usable database capacity.

“This data warehouse appliance demonstrates the power of open source and general purpose computing, truly driving new economics for data analysis. It will definitely make our customers and competitors sit up and take notice,” said John Fowler, Executive Vice President of the Systems Group at Sun Microsystems. “The lightning-fast performance of this solution also makes it a snap for companies to manage ever-increasing amounts of data on their networks.”

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