SAP Releases Business Intelligence Accelerator

Originally published May 17, 2006

SAP AG recently announced general availability of the business intelligence accelerator, proven to increase the speed of analyzing critical business information up to 200-times faster than alternative tools. SAP and Intel collaborated to co-develop the business intelligence accelerator, an innovative analytical engine within SAP NetWeaver business intelligence that crunches through terabytes of data in seconds, without specialty hardware or the need for dedicated and costly system tuning.

The business intelligence accelerator effectively resolves the traditional tradeoff between speed and flexibility, enabling faster business insights and intelligent process innovation. Shipped as an appliance, pre-installed on 64-bit Intel Xeon processor-based blade servers from IBM and HP, the business intelligence accelerator measurably simplifies an organization's IT infrastructure with outstanding reliability and performance.

Early customers already are calculating dramatic enhancements in business intelligence query response times, empowering information workers to become more effective and productive while freeing up IT departments from routine maintenance tasks generating performance enhancements plus cost savings. Particularly for large organizations managing high volumes of data, the ability to extend and maximize existing IT investments can translate to millions of dollars in annual savings in hardware and other database-related costs while improved productivity and process agility can translate to millions of dollars in annual revenue growth.

Implementing SAP xApp composite applications for analytics, companies can take full advantage of the business intelligence accelerator, merging insights with actions across organizational and functional boundaries. Information workers can now gain rapid answers to key business questions such as sales performance, customer buying habits or channel profitability where and when the information is needed, to immediately take the right action regardless of underlying data sources or data volumes.

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