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Greenplum Launches The Bizgres Network

Originally published February 27, 2006

Greenplum recently unveiled The Bizgres Network, a customer Web portal that makes it easy for companies to download, deploy, and access support for Greenplum’s Bizgres MPP for their mission critical business intelligence applications. Bizgres MPP is the only enterprise-class distribution of PostgreSQL to combine parallel processing with fault tolerance in a shared-nothing architecture optimized for business intelligence.

The Bizgres Network (BGN) is an integrated support platform that provides access to Bizgres MPP software, a comprehensive knowledge base, and online technical support and other services. Through the network, IT departments can download Bizgres MPP and develop with it at no charge before putting their database into production. A more cost-effective option than traditional data warehousing solutions, Bizgres MPP also enables companies to scale their systems incrementally, and buy-as-they-grow.

Multi-terabyte data warehousing has traditionally required “rocket scientists” armed with specialized computers. Today, The Bizgres Network makes high-end data warehousing and business intelligence immediately accessible to companies of all sizes, with enterprise grade support through e-mail and telephone.

Bizgres MPP is the first commercial open source database that enables organizations to easily deploy terabyte-scale business intelligence systems on clusters of low-cost commodity servers from any hardware vendor, such as Dell, HP, Sun or Rackable.

“Open source is thriving because it’s filling a role that older proprietary technologies can’t because of their high costs and slow performance.  This success is enabling the next wave of open source to become as much about innovation as commoditization,” said Scott Yara, President, Greenplum. “With the Bizgres Network, Greenplum is pioneering this trend by providing software that allows companies to quickly deploy terabyte-scale BI systems on off-the-shelf, commodity hardware – an unprecedented combination.  Because Bizgres MPP drastically reduces the barriers to deploying large, high-performance warehouses, companies can begin to use BI across more levels of the organization, and in more ways.”

Greenplum is partnering with iSmart Panache; a Santa Clara based global services company, to provide technical support through the Bizgres Network.  iSmart is providing support professionals with deep experience in database technology and data warehousing to customers of Bizgres and Bizgres MPP.

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