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ProClarity Announces Availability of New Add-Ons for ProClarity Analytics 6

Originally published February 9, 2006

ProClarity Corp., a provider of business intelligence technology, recently announced the general availability of several new add-ons for the latest release of ProClarity Analytics 6. ProClarity provides a simple, powerful and adaptable interface that enables organizations to harness the enhanced business intelligence features of the Microsoft platform. These new add-ons extend ProClarity integration with Microsoft products including Business Scorecard Manager 2005, SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and SharePoint Portal Server.

ProClarity for Business Scorecard Manager—The addition of ProClarity’s thin-client analytics allows users to investigate the “why” behind key performance indicators (KPIs) in Business Scorecard Manager through the use of patented and patent-pending visualizations such as the Decomposition Tree, Performance Map and Perspective View, which enable them to perform root-cause analysis on a metric or KPI faster and more intuitively than with standard business charts and tables.

ProClarity for Reporting Services—Allows report authors to create reporting services reports without having to go into Visual Studio and adds robust querying capabilities that enable users to move seamlessly from viewing report data to conducting full ad-hoc analysis by linking directly to the ProClarity Analytics Server.

ProClarity for SharePoint Portal Server—A SharePoint Web Part that displays interactive ProClarity analytic views within a SharePoint Portal system. From the analytic view in SharePoint, end users can interact with the data and easily jump into full ad-hoc analysis in a powerful, zero-footprint Web client. ProClarity analytic views are centrally managed by administrators who control the content and amount of user interactivity.

ProClarity Publishing Server—Creates data-driven, professional-grade PDF and HTML documents such as financial reports and board packets that combine ProClarity analytic views and author commentary to deliver a comprehensive account of the business. Reusable templates automatically update queries and views to save time and effort.

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