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StayinFront Releases StayinFront CRM Mobile

Originally published February 6, 2006

StayinFront, a provider of enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools, data services, sample inventory management solutions and eBusiness systems, recently announced details of the latest release of StayinFront CRM Mobile, which can run as a standalone CRM application or augment an enterprise implementation of StayinFront CRM. Version 9.3 adds features tailored to the needs of remote sales and field workers across the globe, including those who rely on PDA (personal digital assistant) devices.

With StayinFront CRM Mobile 9.3, organizations can deploy a broad range of features and functionality in a handheld application. This includes: sales and field force automation, customer management, order entry, sample tracking, and much more—on a variety of mobile computing hardware supporting Microsoft Windows 2005. StayinFront CRM Mobile 9.3 also features an enhanced user interface that is task driven and pen optimized. The application is fast, easy to use and supports each company's specific requirements. StayinFront Mobile provides industry applications that are easy to configure, which can include electronic signature capture for sample management and order processing.

StayinFront CRM Mobile has been designed to utilize multiple synchronization technologies including always-on "trickle-mode," where changes are automatically synchronized soon after they are made to the PDA on a continuous basis throughout the day; timed, which allows for automated synchronizations at pre-determined times throughout the day; and hard connected, using standard phone lines or high-speed internet connections. StayinFront CRM Mobile utilizes compressed field-level synchronization, ensuring the least amount of data possible is transmitted while making certain the synchronizations are reduced.

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