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BEZ Systems Announces Immediate Availability of BEZProphet R1.7

Originally published February 1, 2006

BEZ Systems, an innovator in the emerging market for Proactive Performance Management solutions, recently announced the immediate availability of a new release of BEZProphet for Oracle. BEZProphet R1.7 broadens its scope of coverage to include support for Key Business Indicators (KBI), Capacity Optimization Advice, and additional monitoring support for Oracle databases running on Windows 2003 and Windows XP platforms.

BEZProphet helps deliver high performing, uninterrupted database services to the business by measuring, managing and predicting future resource consumption, data usage, performance and throughput by line-of-business. BEZProphet combines both performance analysis and capacity planning under one umbrella to assist in developing and monitoring Operational Level Agreements (OLA), a key component of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) with particular emphasis on the Service Delivery, Service Support and Information and Communication Technology core modules.

BEZProphet R1.7 enhances both automated “as-is” and ad hoc predictions with Capacity Optimization Advice that will suggest appropriate courses of action for avoiding shortfalls in service delivery when a potential performance or capacity breach is detected. Customers are automatically provided with detailed advice to increase the number or speed of CPUs, increase the number of disks, or increase the cache in disk subsystems as needed, thereby providing ample lead time to acquire the new capacity before a major performance crisis can negatively impact overall system performance.

BEZProphet for Oracle helps IT align service delivery with business requirements. It empowers organizations to manage change, set realistic expectations, justify corrective actions and ensure the delivery of consistent, uninterrupted data service to the business at the lowest cost. BEZProphet directly addresses key aspects of ITIL by including over 30 years of “Best Practices” in performance analysis and capacity planning developed during consulting engagements on some of the largest databases and data warehouses.

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