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Tempe Launches Wireless Network

Originally published November 28, 2005

The city of Tempe, Arizona was poised recently to have a "cutting the wires" ceremony to formally launch what it claims is the largest city-wide wireless network in the U.S., which will cover a 40 square mile area, reports Mobile Pipeline.

The network will provide wireless access as well as voice-over-IP to residents and businesses of the city. In addition, a separate, parallel network will provide access for government functions.

"While many cities have announced their plans to deploy wireless mesh networks, our city-wide deployment in Tempe is the first and largest of its kind to demonstrate not only the ability to provide data services to users, but advanced voice and video applications as well," said Vice President of Marketing Nan Chen, Stix'.

The city said that all police cars and fire trucks will have a built-in Wi-Fi-enabled laptop that will have an always-on connection to the network. 

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