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Rogers Wireless Selects Netezza Data Warehouse Appliance

Originally published November 8, 2005

Netezza Corporation recently announced that Rogers Wireless has deployed the Netezza Performance Server data warehouse appliance to rapidly process and analyze terabytes of call detail records (CDRs). Rogers Wireless, which operates Canada’s largest integrated wireless voice and data network, selected the NPS system based on its ability to achieve unmatched performance for critical data analyses.

The NPS data warehouse appliance offers Rogers Wireless a significant business advantage by providing the Company with a complete picture of the key issues facing all telecommunications carriers – revenue leakage and customer churn. With the ability to quickly and comprehensively analyze CDR data, Rogers can efficiently examine call patterns and utilization to deliver improved service to its more than six million customers across Canada.

With a strong emphasis on improved customer service, Rogers Wireless can now better leverage its CDR data to provide more targeted call plan options and address service issues before they escalate. Furthermore, because the Company was able to deploy the NPS system and get it into production faster than any other data warehouse and with fewer people, Rogers Wireless will be able to achieve these benefits quickly.

“Today’s telecommunications companies are seeking every advantage possible to keep pace in such a highly competitive market,” said Jit Saxena, CEO and co-founder, Netezza Corp. “By enabling industry leaders like Rogers Wireless to rapidly perform in-depth analysis of call traffic and usage patterns, Netezza delivers organizations tremendous value - the ability to make proactive and informed business decisions.”

The Netezza Performance Server system is the market-leading data warehouse appliance, built specifically to analyze terabytes of detailed data 10 to 50 times faster than existing data warehouse options, at half the cost. The NPS system stores, filters and processes terabytes of records within a single unit, analyzing only the relevant information for each query. 

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