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MABE Selects Hyperion

Originally published November 15, 2005

Hyperion, a provider in business performance management software, recently announced that MABE, a subsidiary of U.S-based General Electric, is using Hyperion software to understand customer and product profitability integrate financial and planning systems with ERP applications and deliver detailed financial reports.

MABE is a provider of Central and South America's manufacturers of home appliances. With its diverse product line, a highly segmented sales channel and a vast geographical reach for its products, MABE faced a formidable challenge in gaining visibility into which customers and products were responsible for the company's highest profit margins.
To achieve this insight into profitability, MABE uses Hyperion software to perform detailed "what-if" analysis and generate 7,000 detailed, analytic reports, segmented by customer, product and region. The reports, which users view online or via Excel spreadsheets, combine product details with financial statements for the clearest possible view of MABE's business.

That information is used to make informed planning decisions. Knowing which products are responsible for the biggest sales, for example, enables the company to allocate its promotional dollars to its best advantage and to map its sales commission structure to net revenues. In fact, the information from Hyperion Business Modeling led to a restructuring of the entire sales organization. Armed with insights from the Hyperion system, MABE executives realigned sales staff to be near consumers instead of focusing on retailers, wholesales or department stores.

Among the most significant changes enabled by the Hyperion solution has been a reduction in freight expenses for the company. MABE used the creation of best possible logistic and distribution scenarios in Hyperion Business Modeling to reduce shipping expenditures by consolidating shipments, ultimately saving approximately $1.5 million in freight costs.

MABE also relies on Hyperion software for its budgeting and reporting functions. The company uses Hyperion Planning to formulate all of its budgets, profit and loss statements and balance sheets, which it reports to General Electric in the United States to create an operating budget for General Electric executives.

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