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Microsoft Launches Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005

Originally published November 14, 2005

Microsoft launches Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. Microsoft  provides developers and IT professionals with a dependable application platform that has underlying support for web services and service orientation capabilities. The deeper integration of the server and tools with these releases enables a host of innovative scenarios and range of new capabilities.

Bob Mick, ARC Advisory Group said, “Microsoft launched the long anticipated next versions of SQL Server, Visual Studio and BizTalk, which is the released version of the Yukon, Whidbey and other code names you may have heard about over the last few years. Even Microsoft’s “Ready-to-Rock” event did not portray the significance and importance of this release. These three products represent key elements of Microsoft’s technology platform and will define Microsoft’s success for several years based on how well they have understood and anticipated business and developer needs. In that regard, key strategies include an overwhelming list of new features and approaches, a well integrated platform based on a single development environment for multiple roles and attention to performance and security. The integrated trio of products line up well with key business needs for flexible access to business intelligence, optimized role-based work flow and a scalable platform for all enterprise applications—all of which are especially important for enabling manufacturing businesses who striving for real-time performance, requiring visibility and flexibility throughout the enterprise.”

Microsoft also announced “Express” versions which are free and downloadable. Some Express versions are limited in capability and some are time-limited, serving the needs of both those who want inexpensive web application development tools and those who want to evaluate the full feature set. Microsoft emphasized that the new platform is mission-critical ready and these versions give all manufacturing organizations a chance to learn about the way that many of the important next generation applications will be built, delivered and maintained. It is time for manufacturers to formulate plans for migrating to this new infrastructure, and evaluate how these new capabilities and increased productivity might facilitate business initiatives.

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