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Systems Union Launches MIS DecisionWare

Originally published November 7, 2005

Systems Union, a global Microsoft industry partner, recently announced new functionality and expanded support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with the release of MIS DecisionWare 5.1. MIS DecisionWare is a proven business intelligence platform currently deployed by thousands of Microsoft users to improve enterprise reporting and performance management.

Systems Union has been collaborating with Microsoft since early SQL Server 2005 beta releases and the cooperative R&D activities—especially those focused on business intelligence and analysis services—have resulted in even tighter integration of MIS DecisionWare on the SQL Server platform.

SQL Server 2005 includes a significant amount of new functionality, including enhanced security, performance and scalability. Microsoft has also introduced a new integrated management tool. Other improvements include dramatic enhancements in SQL Server 2005 Integration Services and SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services, which make it easier for companies to consolidate and centralize information.

Systems Union’s MIS DecisionWare delivers a number of unique benefits to business users such as providing a secure but familiar working environment, such as Microsoft Office Excel or the web. MIS DecisionWare has also been extended to support new capabilities offered by the Unified Dimensional Model (UDM). For example, there is new functionality for accessing and creating reports based on KPIs. Since the UDM also increases the amount of information available to the user, MIS DecisionWare has been improved to make this information easier for users to manage.
MIS DecisionWare can also dramatically improve the productivity of business teams throughout the organization by helping get important information to business users with less development effort. With MIS DecisionWare, users can build reports and customize them, without any knowledge of MDX. This relieves IT from some of the workload of creating reports and empowers every day users to act faster. Since business users can create the reports themselves they don’t need to wait for IT to develop them, which can save valuable time. And since the users also define the business requirements, they can be sure they get the right report—the first time.

“Systems Union is proud of our Global standing as a premier ISV partner with Microsoft. The synergies between our companies—especially in the business intelligence space offer a win-win solution set to Microsoft customers. The proof is in our combined customer base. Thousands of companies have deployed our MIS DecisionWare products in Microsoft environments,” Bill Bryce, CEO, Systems Union.

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