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Purisma Launches Customer Identity Management

Originally published November 4, 2005

Purisma recently announced the availability of the market’s first and only turn-key Customer Identity Management (CIM) solution. For customer-centric enterprises, the Purisma Customer Registry is a sophisticated identity management solution that provides comprehensive, accurate customer identities to ensure a powerful foundation of reliable, consolidated customer information for customer data integration (CDI) intiatives.

In today’s tight economy with aggressive competition and increasing focus on the bottom line, companies are looking for ways to improve customer retention, satisfaction, and ultimately, revenue. Providing employees with “single view of the customer” applications enables customer-facing personnel to better understand customers and deliver high-impact interactions. Customer satisfaction can be increased via “single face to the company” applications like customer portals which offer faster, more efficient service, at reduced costs. These applications require accurate, complete customer information—consolidated correctly from disparate operational systems across an enterprise.

"Enterprises cannot expect to retain and grow their customer base unless they first have an accurate, complete picture of each customer,” said John Radcliffe, Vice President and Research Director with Gartner. “Technology for matching and managing customer identities ensures that customer information is accurately identified and correlated to the correct customer, regardless of where that data resides."

Purisma’s Customer Registry connects via web services connections into enterprise-wide systems, databases and even external data sources to recognize relationships between account records or contacts, using rules-based logic and multi-pass correlation. Customer data stored in different languages and formats is recognized by the Customer Registry, providing support of data from over 50

The Customer Registry relates and incorporates applied organizational and relationship data into customer identities, allowing enterprises to define corporate hierarchies between a parent company such as Ford and a subsidiary such as Volvo, or relationships between a territory such as New England and a region such as the Northeast. It also references corporate hierarchies imported from internal systems such as CRM applications or from external sources like D&B. Because automated matching cannot be 100% accurate, Purisma provides an easy to use “data stewardship” application to reconcile and handle exceptions, define and manage hierarchies, and enable audit and control processes.

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