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DATAllegro Releases Two New Data Warehousing Appliances

Originally published November 2, 2005

DATAllegro, supplier of data warehouse appliances, recently announced the availability of two new products.  DATAllegro P2 is a high performance data warehouse appliance for up to two terabytes of data.  Priced at $250,000, DATAllegro P2 is the lowest priced, multi-terabyte data warehouse appliance on the market.  Also available immediately, DATAllegro P5 is a high performance data warehouse appliance with a five terabyte capacity, and is priced at $450,000. 

DATAllegro P5 replaces the DATAllegro P3 data warehouse appliance and gives companies the same high performance, along with an increase from three to five terabytes of data capacity.  DATAllegro P5 retains the $450,000 price of the earlier P3 model for new customers. The company is also announcing that its DATAllegro P3 customers will be given a free, automatic upgrade to DATAllegro P5. 

DATAllegro P2 and DATAllegro P5 are both "P" series appliances, which means they offer extremely high performance, including table scanning speeds of up to one terabyte per minute.  DATAllegro also offers a "C" series of appliances that is geared towards extremely high capacity.  Today the company's product range includes DATAllegro P5 with a five terabyte capacity, DATAllegro P2 with a two terabyte capacity and DATAllegro C25 with a 25 terabyte capacity.  Any of DATAllegro's data warehouse appliances can be linked together for unlimited capacity by purchasing the DATAllegro Multi-Rack Expansion Unit.  

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