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Big Boom in Big Data Analytics: Are We There Yet?

Originally published November 1, 2012

Everyone is talking about big data and big data analytics, and it sounds as if every company has a big data application in production and is achieving amazing results. That’s the buzz, but what’s the reality?

Wouldn’t you like to know the answers to these big data questions:

  • Who really owns the budget, influences investment decisions or is ultimately accountable for results?

  • Which role(s) are primarily accountable for running and reporting on these programs?

  • What is the actual return on big data analytics investment realized by geography, industry, and maturity level and company size?

  • How much are companies planning to invest over the next 3 years by size, industry and geography?

  • Which best practices or lessons learned from other organizations’ effective big data analytics initiatives would likely benefit my organization?

  • What analytical techniques, infrastructures, software solutions and/or consulting services would best support our corporate objectives?

  • Maturity levels for big data analytics initiatives: What differentiates beginners from the more sophisticated practitioners?
To answer these questions and assess the adoption and success of big data analytics, industry analyst and market research firm Hypatia Research Group has launched a new primary research study entitled “Big Boom in Big Data Analytics: How Top Performers Garner Insights for Greater Efficiency and Competitive Advantage,” which details current trends, organizational challenges, and business case justification. 

While the survey is still in progress, early results provide a view as to what’s really happening with big data. Nearly one-third of respondents have embarked upon big data analytics programs within the last five years while another 15% cited just starting this journey with plans to expand.

To date, Hypatia Research Group has surveyed over 800 global organizations for this research and will utilize data only from respondents that actually utilize, recommend, influence, and hold budget or veto power over the purchase of big data analytics software, solutions and managed services at their organizations. The following graphs illustrate some early results, and at the end of this article, you’ll find a link to participate in this survey.

Figure 1: Global Usage of Social Media with Big Data Analytics 2012

Figure 2: Big Data Analytics Maturity by Timeframe 2012

Only respondents with direct accountability for selection or use of big data analytics software, services and/or business practices are being utilized for this primary research. Current respondent profiles include:
  • 35.5% have annual revenues between $4.5-$10 billion

  • 23.8% have annual revenues between $10-$20 billion, and

  • 40.6% have annual revenues greater than $20 billion
Companies interested in receiving an executive summary of this study may complete the survey.  Follow this link to the survey: https://hypatiaresearch.us.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cLOwqRAVzNCpVqt

Stay tuned to my BeyeNETWORK expert channel – more big data analytics analysis is forthcoming!

  • Leslie AmentLeslie Ament

    Leslie Ament, Senior Vice President and Principal Analyst at Hypatia Research Group is a customer intelligence management thought-leader and industry analyst who focuses on the business value of technology in regards to how organizations capture, manage, analyze and apply actionable customer insight to improve customer management techniques, reduce operating expenses and to accelerate corporate growth. Her research and advisory services include: Customer Analytics & Interaction, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, Social Media Intelligence/Text Analytics, CRM, Digital Marketing Automation, Customer Data Management/Data Quality and Governance, Risk & Compliance.

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