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Teradata and Ventraq Introduce Latest Addition to Teradata Telco Analytics

Originally published June 10, 2010

Teradata Corporation recently introduced  the Teradata Customer Experience Management solution that shows communications service providers their subscribers’ perspective of their service. It is the latest addition to the Teradata Telco Analytics with Ventraq suite of applications.

"As people move away from land lines and adopt their wireless device for more uses, reliability becomes critical to them and that all aspects of the network perform flawlessly," said David Grant, vice president of industry marketing and solutions, Teradata Corporation. "Customer satisfaction is largely based on the quality of service, frequency of dropped calls, Internet access time and handset performance. Before now, carriers have not had analytical tools to pinpoint issues that can cause customers to be dissatisfied and potentially, to leave."

Teradata Customer Experience Management quantitatively measures a subscriber’s entire experience – voice, text, Internet and email transactions – with the operator’s products, services, applications, and network. This information can be used to identify the root cause of network, application and handset problems and trace them to affected subscribers. It can also reduce support costs by preempting potential dissatisfaction and prioritize corrective actions based on customer profitability. "A one percent increase in customer loyalty can add as much as $10 million to the bottom line of a mid-sized company," said Grant.

Teradata Customer Experience Management also provides communications service providers visibility into the profitability of their customers and the services they use. With this information, they can better match new product and service offers to customers, and identify their most valuable customers.

Said Bob Becklund, executive vice president of business development for Ventraq, "The Ventraq Customer Experience Management solution running on a Teradata platform allows the carrier to directly understand, adjust and enhance the customer experience for voice, data, and their mobile Internet to create an optimal and positive experience. With the proliferation of SmartPhones, the increase and availability of mobile applications, the customer experience is more critical than ever. Now telecommunications companies can monitor and react to situations that impact customers faster and with greater precision."

The Ventraq-designed solution leverages the power of Teradata to scale seamlessly from local or regional operations to national and multi-national levels. Driven by the high-performance speed and capacity of the massively parallel processing Teradata database, the core of the Ventraq analytic suite of solutions is the advanced Ventraq platform, Business Integration Appliance Services. It collects and manages billions of operations support system and business support system data records and compares and analyzes them on a record-for-record basis on demand. As a result, communication service providers can make business decisions based on a complete set of data rather than on trend or directional inference.

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