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Integration of Performance Module for Google AdWords with NetSuite’s Cloud Computing Platform Announced by myDials

Originally published June 10, 2010

myDIALS, a provider of SaaS performance management solutions, recently announced the integration of its myDIALS Performance Module for Google AdWords with the NetSuite cloud computing platform. The myDIALS Performance Module, which measures the effectiveness of AdWords paid search campaigns, is an extension of the myDIALS operational business intelligence solution that was integrated with NetSuite this past April. Built using NetSuite’s SuiteCloud development platform, the combined solution helps online marketers see the true ROI of their Google AdWords campaigns by combining performance metrics from NetSuite Ecommerce, CRM, and ERP, with metrics from Google AdWords. This leads to better marketing decisions and can boost Ecommerce sales.

“By combining AdWords metrics with the performance metrics contained in the myDIALS Performance Modules for NetSuite, we’re allowing joint customers to tune their marketing campaigns to deliver higher revenue and profits,” said Wayne Morris, CEO of myDIALS. “Because these myDIALS Performance Modules can be deployed so quickly, the improved ROI of marketing campaigns – and the ROI of operational business intelligence – begin almost immediately.”

The myDIALS Performance Module for Google AdWords lets online marketers deploy in a single day the capability to see and analyze revenue and gross profits from their AdWords paid search campaigns. Results are presented within the NetSuite environment through the tightly integrated myDIALS dashboards. By applying myDIALS analytical capabilities and scenario analysis to the combined metrics, the combined solution helps executives make better business decisions based on more detailed and relevant information.

Working With NetSuite

The myDIALS Performance Module for Google AdWords and the associated myDIALS Connector for Google AdWords can be deployed in a single day to add functionality to the myDIALS Performance Module for NetSuite announced in April. Together, they analyze Google AdWords metrics, along with operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The integrated solution extends NetSuite to help companies increase business efficiencies, business performance, and ROI on their marketing campaigns.

“As more companies spend ever greater amounts of money on paid search, it becomes increasingly important that they can determine the true ROI of AdWords marketing campaigns,” said Guido Haarmans, NetSuite’s Vice President Developer Programs. “The combination of myDIALS, NetSuite, and Google AdWords provides the ability to track costs from impression to profit so that AdWords become an integral part of a highly optimized marketing effort.”

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