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Enterprise-Ready BIRT Based Apps for Geospatial Data Visualizations

Originally published June 9, 2010

Actuate Corporation, The people behind BIRT, announced the availability of Map It, Flash Maps and Map Intelligence, a collection of apps for developers to extend BIRT - the leading open source information application development environment - to any geospatial mapping application to create rich data visualizations. The apps can be downloaded from the BIRT Exchange Marketplace, an open software showcase on the most active online BIRT community, where any developer can promote, share or sell BIRT related applications, solutions and components.

“We are excited to host on the Marketplace a number of options for developers to utilize BIRT to enable enriched experiences with geospatial capabilities.”

The Map It app enables developers to easily present BIRT content within dynamic location analysis inherent to all popular geospatial applications including Google Maps. The Flash Maps app allows developers to present content through clickable regions, editable points and icons with drill down capabilities and functionality. The Map It and Flash Maps apps provide a range of graphic information system tools that link to BIRT content and are easily embeddable into any application. The result: an intuitive end user experience to display facts and figures interactively with location analysis and powerful visuals, to enable better decision making for end users.

Integeo, a global leader in the converging fields of Business and Location Intelligence, and a BIRT Exchange partner, has harnessed BIRT to create Map Intelligence, which delivers data visualizations by integrating BIRT into dynamic, browser-based mapping applications.

“The integration of BIRT into map applications is a breakthrough in Locations Intelligence that eliminates the need for expert programming or deep analytical skills,” said Roderick Ross, business and partner development manager at Integeo. “Whether you’re developing new programs, conducting situational management or reporting and monitoring programs, our Map Intelligence provides organizations a powerful jumpstart to integrating maps and spatial analytics into applications.”

“The Map It and Flash Maps apps along with the Map Intelligence app from Integeo, available on the BIRT Exchange Marketplace, offer developers tools to design and deliver expressive, interactive content in a seamless and efficient way,” said Nobby Akiha, senior vice president of marketing, Actuate. “We are excited to host on the Marketplace a number of options for developers to utilize BIRT to enable enriched experiences with geospatial capabilities.”

To learn more, visit “Use Flash Maps and Google Maps App to Enable Geographic Data Visualization” an online workshop where you can learn how you can bring rich data visualizations to your applications with BIRT based geo-spatial applications.