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Truviso Enters the High-End Web Analytics Market with its Groundbreaking Visitor Insight & Analytics Software

Originally published May 4, 2010

Truviso, the real-time analytics company, recently entered the high-end web analytics market with its groundbreaking Visitor Insight & Analytics software, a packaged solution built upon Truviso's revolutionary Continuous Analytics platform. With its unique visitor-centric analysis capabilities, Visitor Insight enables global companies and brands, for the first time, to track individual web site visitors to gain in-depth, actionable insight into their behavior and generate more value and revenue from existing customers.

Unlike the leading web analytics tools available today, which were designed to measure web pages and optimize traffic acquisition, Truviso's scalable Visitor Insight solution has been built from the ground up to measure and track individual visitors and their on- and off-site behaviors.

The application's visitor-centric approach provides marketers with deep insight into customer activities and interactions with the brand over time, and across channels and devices. This enables companies to understand and cater to their audiences more effectively, refine and personalize each visitor's experience, build deeper, more lasting relationships and increase revenue.

"Global brands and large enterprise are demanding a change at the high end of the web analytics market. Current offerings are running up against scale and data processing limitations with the hundreds of millions of unique users and billions of views and interactions typical of large web sites," said Tom Kuhr, senior vice president of marketing and products for Truviso. "Marketers aren't satisfied with visit-level reporting-they want to track visitors and visitor segments-and don't want to rely on a back-office data warehouse to provide this type of information. Only Truviso Visitor Insight & Analytics can provide the true real-time, visitor-centric analysis that these brands and global organizations are demanding to improve their online businesses."

Visitor Insight's ultra-high performance analytics engine can process huge amounts of data from multiple data sources in real time and immediately deliver correlated analysis into customizable visual dashboards which can be accessed from any standard web browser. The Truviso software provides an unprecedented level of visitor context and actionable insight that can improve campaign success and increase return on marketing investment.

"The ability to segment your audience against online and offline data is increasingly a 'must-have' capability in web analytics," said Eric T. Peterson, senior partner at Web Analytics Demystified. "Truviso's Visitor Insight solution takes visitor segmentation to a new level, allowing the integration of multiple dimensions of visitor and customer data at a scale and speed that reflects the increasing complexity of the modern web site and the changing nature of relationship marketing online."

Visitor Insight is designed to be quickly deployed and customized to fit every enterprise. Role-based dashboards and reports can be accessed by executives and managers, yet also provide the deep segmentation, granular reporting and SQL language access to data for power users and analysts.

Visitor Insight can work alongside current web analytics tools without impacting current reports, and it leverages existing investments in software tools and page tags.