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Diehl Technology Releases TABULUS 2010 Service Pack 1

Originally published April 21, 2010

Diehl Technology LLC recently announced the release of TABULUS 2010 Service Pack 1, The Table Oriented Spreadsheet software for Microsoft Windows.

Service Pack 1 (SP1) is the first of 3 quarterly releases planned by the company this year.  SP1 introduces several new organization tools to assist users in organizing their data: Summarize, Create groups from Columns, and Filtering.  SP1 also contains a number of fixes and other feature improvements like new Calendar display options.

TABULUS is for spreadsheets users who want a simple solution to their more complex spreadsheet and business modeling needs.  TABULUS combines the flexibility of a traditional spreadsheet with the structured approach developed for databases and financial products, to produce a more reliable, more maintainable solution to spreadsheet needs. 

TABULUS contains an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) style database suitable for Business Modeling and analysis of a variety of business data.  TABULUS uses the structure of the model to create professional quality presentations automatically without tediously setting each cell attributes.

“The ‘drag and drop’ feature is the most efficient and effective means of moving information around the interface.  I think any accountant, bookkeeper, controller or CFO who operates in multi-dimensional corporate environment and must get data quickly and accurately needs to have TABULUS within reach on a daily basis” says Tony Philips, TPJaveton Enterprises

Traditional spreadsheet errors can be caused by simple copy and paste of cells, blocks of cells, deletion or insertion of rows, and columns.  Business decisions based off of incorrect spreadsheet data can cost an organization exponentially by the time the error is caught.  TABULUS changes all of that with tables which can easily be dragged around and placed where needed within the file and worked with separately or together. 

To increase accuracy and save time, use the built-in formulas.  TABULUS reduces formula maintenance by over 95%, because single formulas can be applied to thousands of cells at the same time, and common formulas such as sums are written and maintained by the system.  Fewer formulas save time as well as reduce the need to check for errors.