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Attensity Group Launches Attensity Analyze for VoC Community Advantage

Originally published February 25, 2010

Attensity Group, the leader in business user applications that generate value from unstructured data, recently announced Attensity Analyze for VoC Community Advantage. It is the newest product offering in Attensity's Voice of the Customer (VoC) application suite for finding and mining the collective wisdom in customer conversations in emails, web forums, surveys, CRM notes, and other sources. Attensity's VoC solutions convert the text of first-person customer feedback into actionable First Person Intelligence with native dashboarding capabilities that reveal sentiments and trends.

Attensity Analyze for VOC Community Advantage is a hosted solution designed to help companies, government organizations and community partners better leverage the deep insight available in customer communities. Organizations can be up and running quickly for a fixed per-month price -- analyzing community chatter to better understand customer sentiment, satisfaction, loyalty, and potential product or service issues.

"We are proud to add an easy-to-use and access offering to customers that enables organizations to analyze their customer discussions in web community forums," said Catherine van Zuylen, Attensity's vice president of product marketing. "Our customers, including Whirlpool, Overstock.com and Travelocity, derive value every day from their use of Attensity solutions to analyze and act on customer discussions in web communities."

One of the more significant trends in social media has been the advent of the web-based customer community, where groups of like-minded individuals focus around a brand or a set of product and services and come together and interact online. These customer communities can often be a rich source of information for new product suggestions, an early warning system for product issues, and a goldmine of service-oriented tips and tricks.

Using Attensity's unique Dynamic Text Profiling, Attensity Analyze for VOC automatically mines and "reads" customer communities and other content (social media, surveys, CRM records, etc) to provide visibility into this information. As opposed to other products which basically just automate searches, Attensity Analyze for VOC is the only Voice of the Customer solution that starts with the data itself - profiling and "reading" both third-party and company-sponsored customer communities and other content to enable executives, customer relationship analysts and call center managers to more clearly see emerging customer issues and trends, and better optimize call center and marketing activities. By starting with the text, Attensity is able to achieve levels of precision and recall that are simply not available with any other solution on the market today.

For example, a retailer can not only see that their customers are unhappy or happy, but will gain insight into details about why they are unhappy or happy, through at-a-glance charts and graphs showing compliments, complaints, sentiment, at-risk customers, and "intent to buy" events around a particular store or product. Managers can quickly uncover new insights, see what products might be causing the most issues, which service personnel are gaining kudos for their performance, and spot potential issues with products or locations before they surface in the official help desk channels.

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