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Netezza Releases Latest Version of the Mantra Appliance

Originally published February 25, 2010

Netezza Corporation, the global leader in data warehouse, analytic and monitoring appliances, recently announced the latest release of the Netezza Mantra appliance, its database activity monitoring (DAM) solution, which now provides enterprises with a more comprehensive level of discovery and categorization of sensitive information across their largest data assets. The new release also adds support for discovery on the popular MySQL database.

While enterprise search of unstructured data has been sophisticated, traditional solutions for database discovery have been fairly limited in scale and manageability. For enterprises with hundreds to thousands of heterogeneous databases, many of which could contain millions of rows of critical business data, the task of inventory and classification of compliance-sensitive data has been a challenge. At the same time, new regulations, such as state privacy laws and heightened HIPAA rules, are creating new requirements for enterprises to automate processes for large-scale data discovery of their databases.

"The latest Mantra release gives our customers increased visibility into their largest databases," said Prat Moghe, vice president and general manager of the Data Compliance division at Netezza. "The Mantra solution enables the largest enterprises to meet their data compliance and security needs with the fewest appliances and resources. Mantra's unparalleled scalability and ease-of-use continue to drive down the total cost of ownership associated with data compliance."

The Netezza Mantra appliance, with its patent-pending technology, provides all the tenets for comprehensive enterprise database activity monitoring. For data owners, compliance officers, and security officers, the Netezza Mantra solution provides:

  • Critical data discovery of heterogeneous databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, and MySQL;
  • Continuous monitoring and auditing of access to critical data;
  • Analysis, detection and protection against any non-compliant activity or data theft; and
  • Ready-to-use data compliance reports for SOX, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, and many other regulatory requirements.

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