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Algebraix Data Corporation Announces the General Availability of A2DB Advanced Analytic Database

Originally published February 23, 2010

Algebraix Data Corporation recently announced general availability of the company’s flagship product, the A2DB advanced analytic database. A2DB employs patented ALGEBRAIX database technology based on advanced set-processing mathematics. By enabling real-time data access, eliminating manual performance tuning and running on affordable commodity hardware, ALGEBRAIX database technology promises to be disruptive to the entire business-intelligence (BI) complex.

“Conventional relational database management systems (RDBMS’) have been a mainstay of enterprise data management for decades, but they’re not well-suited for analyzing unstructured data or scalable to modern data volumes,” said Charles Silver, CEO of Algebraix Data Corporation. “A2DB is the biggest step forward in enterprise data management since the relational data model was first developed nearly 40 years ago.”

A2DB is the first relational database to be based on a comprehensive mathematical computing universe, comprising all of the logical and physical resources within its host system. Its ability to accommodate data updates in real time, perform dynamic self-tuning, and run on inexpensive servers all flow directly from this fact.

Today, enterprises are facing exponential growth in data volumes with no end in sight. This represents both a challenge to store, manage and make sense of the data, and an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage – provided the data can be used effectively. At a time when many companies are competing with similar products, business analytics are one of the last battlegrounds for differentiation. Algebraix Data’s breakthrough technology is enabling companies to compete and win by providing an unrivaled capability to analyze their business-intelligence data more rapidly, more effectively and at a lower cost.

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