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Vertica Announces the Release Vertica Analytic Database

Originally published February 23, 2010

Vertica recently announced the release of the ultra-fast Vertica Analytic Database. Vertica 4.0 includes new features that give enterprises orders of magnitude faster performance than traditional databases while extending these speed gains to a wider range of markets and business users.

What's new in 4.0:

  • Cutting-edge in-database analytics including SQL-99 window functions and new patent-pending time-series and sessionization capabilities that enable financial and telecom applications to perform sophisticated analytics in SQL without the need for specialized products or programming.
  • Workload management features that enable customers to manage complex mixed query workloads to best meet business priorities.
  • Fully Unicode capable, enabling global applications with international data sets, collations and locales.
  • Users can easily deploy with no prior knowledge of columnar databases. Patent-pending next generation database designer with powerful yet simple UI makes query performance and storage optimization simple.
  • New Web-based administration tools with Integrated Backup-and-Restore, Durable Snapshots and Super Fast recovery from disk failures.
  • Orders of magnitude better performance than traditional analytic database systems and 30-40 percent faster query performance than previous versions of Vertica with better resource utilization based on new patent-pending Optimizer and Execution Engine.
  • Automatic speed up on bulk and trickle loads with 4.0 ODBC and JDBC drivers (30 percent faster than previous versions of Vertica).
  • Intelligent trickle loader leverages knowledge of load patterns and partitioning to reduce storage footprint and administration costs.
  • External procedures enabling tighter integration with computing solutions like Hadoop.
  • Fastest growing ecosystem with new Informatica Powercenter 8.6 optimized plug-in along with continued support and planned certification with existing partners including: Cloudera, IBM/Cognos, JasperSoft, MicroStrategy, SyncSort, SAP/Business Objects, Streambase, Tableau, Talend and others.
What customers and partners are saying about Vertica 4.0:

"With over 40 million players, 3TB of new data a day and 230 nodes spread across two clusters Zynga's columnar data warehouse from Vertica is no analytical windup toy," said Ken Rudin, VP of Analytics, Zynga, Inc.

"Together, Vertica and Cloudera are tackling some of the biggest data problems in financial services, communications, life sciences and Web-service organizations," said Mike Olson, CEO Cloudera. "The release of version 4.0 is an exciting step forward in allowing our customers to make meaningful discoveries using all of their data, complex and structured, regardless of volume. Combined, our platforms are allowing companies to perform critical applications such as financial and risk modeling and real time log analysis faster and more cost effectively than ever before possible."

Vertica: established leader in new wave of analytic databases

  • Unlike retrofitted systems, Vertica is a "true" columnar database designed from the ground up to combine both columnar storage and execution vs. "add-on" approaches that are columnar for storage only.
    • Recent IDC research (announced in a 2/12/10 news release) shows that at the current rate of development and adoption, it is likely that within five years most data warehouses will be stored in a columnar fashion.
  • Vertica now has over 120 customers - more MPP columnar implementations than all other vendors combined.
  • Vertica provides the fastest real-time access to your data with customers routinely loading over 30 billion records per day, equaling multiple terabytes of raw data per day.
  • Vertica runs next generation analytic systems at many of the world's biggest financial services, communications, Internet, healthcare and retail companies.
  • Vertica FlexStore is the only true enterprise-ready MPP columnar database that enables you to incorporate SSD, flash, and other future solid-state memory technologies to automatically store and accelerate the most performance critical data.
  • Vertica is the only database that is flexible enough to run on industry standard hardware with direct attached storage or EMC, HP and other SANs, VMWare and the cloud.
  • Vertica provides more than 10x price performance relative to traditional RDBMS alternatives.

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