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Global Enterprise Marketing Solutions Selects DataMentors

Originally published February 23, 2010

DataMentors recently announced that it has been selected by Global Enterprise Marketing Solutions (GEMS) to provide critical processing functionality in its "next-generation" Complex Event Processing (CEP) software.

Datamentors' DataFuse, the industry leading data standardization software, and NetEffect, a real-time transactional based cleansing and matching (TCM) software, will provide much of the data standardization underpinnings that will help facilitate optimum performance from Global Enterprise Marketing Solutions' (GEMS) new paradigm-shifting CEP technology.

GEMS technology is the first commercial event pattern language that includes an operator to express causality in the moment. This new real-time CEP technology enables companies to simultaneously examine historical, current, and predictive data.

GEMS ability to instantly compile data from thousands of disparate data-streams and conduct nesting pattern evaluations quickly and accurately is dependent on DataMentors' standardization and householding software. DataMentors' processing speeds are necessary to enable the GEMS technology to deliver insights and models instantly to end users, which result in much higher levels of accurately predicting future events.

"We are most pleased to have been selected by GEMS to provide much of the behind the curtain processing, that's necessary in order for GEMS to deliver this entirely new process for accurately identifying potential future customer, prospect and market actions or purchase decisions.† Companies will no longer merely use historical information to gain future insights. Now they will be able to predict future customer movements using a combination of past and current data so they'll know; where to be, when to be there and who will be there far more accurately than ever before," said Bob Orf, President of DataMentors.

GEMS CEO, Dr. Van Mayros says, "Our company's first at being able to make sense of the unexpected and find proactive predictive propensities and probabilities for ninety percent of the country's homes and businesses.† We chose DataMentors because of its exceptional customer focus, processing power, leadership and stability within the industry."

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