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Lyzasoft Introduces the Latest Version of Lyza

Originally published February 22, 2010

Lyzasoft recently introduced the latest version of its award-winning collaborative business intelligence product, Lyza. This version 2 release blends the best of Business Intelligence and Web 2.0 technologies, allowing analytical communities within an enterprise to synthesize data from many sources, visually analyze the data, and socialize their findings among the workgroup – all via an entirely self-serve model.  Lyza runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The visualization highlights of the new release include chart micro-tiling, improved user format controls, ad hoc visual data drilling, n-dimensional charting, advanced sorting controls, and a wide range of powerful functions for adding custom fields to charts.

The collaboration highlights of the new release include a web environment that allows authorized users to search, bookmark, combine, create, tag, share, comment, rate, relate, and interact directly with intelligence content in the form of blogs, microblogs, charts, tables, dashboards, and collections.  This web environment is built upon Lyzasoft’s unique workflow lineage technology, which allows consumers of analytic assets to audit on-demand the calculations and logic used to create the asset they are viewing.  It also incorporates SMS and email alerting, allowing community members to watch for new publications, comments, or updates from people of interest or on topics of interest.

The blend of BI and Web 2.0 approaches makes it possible for a broader array users to easily add context to information by engaging in conversation, modification, and re-distribution of information assets—with all of these activities woven into the searchable metadata on the intelligence assets themselves.  By deeply integrating the context-rich social interactions of the analytical community with the assets around which those conversations revolve, Lyzasoft’s approach makes it easier for a wider array of users to find relevant information and to understand how that information would be best applied to their decisions.

"Lyzasoft’s concept of bringing social networking and Web 2.0 models together with BI in one solution has significant potential," said Allen Bonde, Managing Director at Evoke CRM Partners. "This unique approach will turn the traditional BI model inside out, where a community model facilitates sharing of ideas, influence is the new currency, and relevant information and insights are available more quickly to a much broader audience,” Bonde said.

“Lyzasoft has taken the next step beyond accessorizing business intelligence solutions with social networking tools to fully integrating those features into the new version of Lyza, creating the culture, tools and the work process necessary for an effective solution,” added Shawn Rogers, president of Analytic Response, which focuses on the analytics, social media, business intelligence and Enterprise 2.0 markets.  “With Lyza, users no longer have to exit out of their BI processes to leverage the social media aspects of the solution, creating and facilitating a culture of sharing and collaboration into the standard BI workflow.”    

Kana Software Rapidly Deploys Analytics and BI Solution for Standard & Poor’s
Kana Software, a leading provider of customer service solutions, recently worked with Standard & Poor’s, the world’s premier provider of investment research and financial data, to replace an in-application analytics solution.  Kana used Lyza to automate integration of data from logs and tables, then Lyza Commons to allow end users to interact with and converse about the resulting information.  According to Scott Bideau, managing consultant with Kana Software, Lyza was instrumental in helping Kana build a BI solution in a matter of weeks that had previously taken more than a year to develop using the Standard & Poors’ previous analytics solution. 

“In their previous environment, S&P couldn’t validate the accuracy of their calculations and analyses,” Bideau said.  “Not only did we provide S&P with a solution that was dramatically cheaper than upgrading their existing analytics infrastructure, it also gives them a much higher degree of confidence and trust in their reports.  In addition, they now have the ability to easily expand on those reports in a very agile manner as their business changes or in dealing with ‘fire drills’, providing them powerful ad hoc capabilities they did not previously possess,” Bideau said.

“Lyza will be my tool of choice for implementing any sort of agile BI requirements that a client might have,” Bideau added.  “It has a unique ability to meet these requirements at a fraction of the cost and deploy in a fraction of the time as compared to conventional BI solutions.  We will use Lyza in engagements to replace, supplement or extend the clients’ existing reporting infrastructure.”  

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