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DataFlux Introduces the DataFlux Data Management Platform

Originally published February 22, 2010

DataFlux, a leading provider of data management solutions, recently introduced the DataFlux Data Management Platform, a unified design, development and execution environment that enables data quality, data integration and master data management (MDM) – all from a single interface. The Data Management Platform allows organisations to plan, implement and monitor data-centric projects – and extend them across the enterprise – to enable better decisions based on more accurate and trusted data.

By providing organisations with greater ability to understand and control the data that supports business decisions, the Data Management Platform can help companies build a more complete view of enterprise data spread throughout the organisation. Data management programs are increasingly used by businesses as a way to transform their data assets to optimise revenue, control costs and mitigate risks. To support these business initiatives, the Data Management Platform is designed to help organisations:

•    Build a foundation in data governance. Create, enforce and monitor business rules across the organisation, facilitating visibility and transparency.
•    Enable real business and IT collaboration. Business users can build rules that reflect the changing needs of the business, while IT can manage and apply the rules across the enterprise.
•    Realise a faster time to value. Rapidly demonstrate ROI and show the material value of data.

Through an integrated design and deployment environment, the Data Management Platform enables business and IT communities to work together on critical data management projects. Business users benefit from the ability to manage mission-critical data through an enhanced, intuitive interface. With this platform, data stewards and business analysts can create and update business rules to reflect the changing needs of the business. IT users can design, test and monitor data quality and data integration routines from a single interface. With companies struggling with a greater breadth and depth of data throughout the enterprise, the platform allows for business rules to be reused in other projects, reducing the amount of repetitive rework from data management tasks and further providing value throughout the organisation.

During the research and development stages, existing DataFlux customers installed and tested early versions of the technology for use with their real-world data management projects. Their feedback helped DataFlux fine-tune features and functionality, as well as optimise performance.

“Our data management team has seen an immediate impact from the new Data Management Platform,” said Rich Murnane, manager of enterprise data operations, iJET International. “With benefits such as a streamlined user interface that clearly demonstrates how to perform data quality and data integration tasks to the powerful collaboration capabilities included for business and IT users, the Data Management Platform will revolutionise how we view – and get value from – enterprise data.”

“The announcement of the Data Management Platform is a benchmark event – not just for DataFlux, but also for the data management industry,” said Tony Fisher, president and CEO of DataFlux. “Having data quality, data integration and MDM capabilities on a single, unified platform – with an interface that appeals to both business and IT users – will expand the reach of data management to more people in any organisation. This platform is the realisation of years of work at DataFlux, and we are proud to present a single-platform approach, all built by the same development staff using the same data management principles.”

“DataFlux has clearly highlighted its data management leadership with this announcement," said Jim Davis, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at SAS. “Organisations require an integrated platform for data management, without having to piece together disparate components from various suppliers. With the DataFlux Data Management Platform's ease of use, common functionality and broad capabilities, organisations will be able to optimise the value of their data and increase their bottom line.”

The Data Management Platform includes several products, each with robust capabilities that enhance and improve the data management process.

DataFlux Data Management Studio

DataFlux Data Management Studio allows for top-down design of business processes and rules, as well as bottom-up development and delivery of specific components – all in a single user environment. This is the design and deployment console used by business and IT users to collaborate on even the most complex data management challenges:

•    Provide business users with increased control of data management tasks
•    Enhance cross-functional data governance
•    Integrate, manage, analyse, improve and control data
•    Profile, monitor and actively manage the quality of enterprise data
•    Integrate and standardise data across multiple systems and business units 

DataFlux Data Management Server

Working in unison with Data Management Studio, DataFlux Data Management Server helps form the backbone of the Data Management Platform. The technology can implement the rules created in Data Management Studio in both batch and real-time environments to facilitate pervasive data quality, data integration and MDM. Data Management Server allows organisations to build rules and workflows once and deploy them across the enterprise.

DataFlux Federation Server

DataFlux Federation Server provides integrated views of data located in multiple repositories without the need to physically consolidate the data. This virtual integration enables powerful querying capabilities, as well as improved source data management. By reducing the time spent searching data sources and manually compiling, correlating and correcting source information, users can more effectively analyse the data to make better decisions faster.

DataFlux Connect

The DataFlux Connect product offerings provide a packaged set of components that enable integration with common business applications, such as SAS, SAP and Siebel. With DataFlux Connect, users can embed DataFlux data quality and data integration rules directly within an existing business application, helping find and eliminate data quality and data integration problems before they affect other business processes.