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Aster Data Announces the Availability of a SAS/ACCESS Interface Engine for Aster Data nCluster

Originally published February 18, 2010

Aster Data, a proven leader dedicated to providing the best data processing and data management platform for big data applications, recently announced the availability of a SAS/ACCESS interface engine for Aster Data nCluster, a Data Application Server which is a highly scalable, massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse and analytics solution for big data. The SAS/ACCESS interface is one element of a broader partnership with SAS which strengthens interoperability by providing direct, native connectivity between SAS and Aster Data's nCluster that provides SAS users with the ability to leverage Aster Data's SQL-MapReduce for faster, deeper analytics on big data. SAS/ACCESS combines Aster Data's best-of-breed data management with SAS leadership in data quality, data integration and analytics to enable business analysts to more easily unlock more intelligence from their data.

"Our vision of enabling richer data analytics and big data management for the enterprise is advanced by broadening our support and connectivity to the leading analytic and business analysis tools. SAS choosing to work with Aster Data validates our ability to provide the best big data management platform for advanced analytics and data-driven applications," said Tasso Argyros, CTO, Aster Data. "By broadening our partnership with SAS, we're providing superior access for SAS data miners and business analysts that enables them to derive faster insights from their data by taking advantage of the performance, scale, and unique ability to run application logic with data in a massively-parallel fashion within Aster Data nCluster."

SAS/ACCESS to Aster Data allows SAS customers to accelerate the data mining process, gain faster business insights, and enable advanced analytics on large data volumes. Unique capabilities of the SAS/ACCESS interface for Aster Data nCluster includes optimized bulk-loading of data through the Aster Data nCluster for efficient access to large data sets, and the ability to natively access SQL-MapReduce from within a SAS session. Both capabilities accelerate data access and maximize performance for large-scale analytics.

"The introduction of SAS/ACCESS to Aster Data's solution will allow customers to more transparently connect to Aster Data and provide business analysts the ability to work with large data sets," said Keith Collins, SAS Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. "With Aster Data, we make it easier for organizations to build faster analytic applications and provide their business analysts a way to get the quick answers they need to make better business decisions."

The SAS/ACCESS interface is the foundation of SAS' Enterprise Data Integration capabilities and is able to read, write, and update data regardless of the native database or platform. The SAS/ACCESS interface to Aster Data nCluster provides seamless connectivity between the two products by going beyond interfacing via standard ODBC.

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