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Planview Announces a New Class of Enterprise Planning Solution

Originally published February 14, 2010

Planview, a leading independent provider of enterprise-wide portfolio management solutions, recently announced a new class of enterprise planning solution that helps organizations improve productivity and operational performance within the constraints of today's economy -- the 'new normal' which places a premium on a company's ability to successfully manage the growth of demand against a backdrop of ever-constrained resources.

The new Planview Operational Planning Solution is the first enterprise planning solution to integrate three vital planning processes -- strategic planning, financial planning, and operational planning. In many organizations these three disciplines are disconnected, limiting organizational agility and management visibility into performance. In today's new normal environment, which demands companies respond to change more nimbly than ever in order to thrive, the traditional siloed approach to planning leads to expensive inefficiencies and operational disconnects that erode competitiveness and brand value.

The Planview Operational Planning Solution, available with the upcoming new release of Planview Enterprise, allows organizations to create a dynamic and consistently relevant operating plan -- one that is integrated with established financial and strategic processes and that allows for in-flight updates to accommodate changing business conditions. With a cohesive, responsive operating plan developed collaboratively, management can ensure that all levels of the enterprise can transform a unified strategy into effective action.

"The growing economic consensus looks for a 'new normal,' meaning below average growth and profitability in North America and Europe," notes Robert Kugel, Senior Vice President of Ventana Research. "Old-style planning -- where corporate management sets financial targets without regard to their impact on business unit operations -- won't work anymore. Annual budgets are for finance departments, not business operations, and silo-based plans are too fragmented. Companies won't achieve sales and margin objectives without a clearer picture of where they're heading, one that better coordinates their use of company resources. They must adjust their plans faster to respond to a more volatile business environment because the margin of error will be even smaller in guiding operations. Until now, corporate management hasn't had an adequate tool, one that enables them to integrate their operating planning to make better use of their resources and fully understand the financial impact of these plans. Planview's new solution is designed to address this need."

Combining new capabilities with Planview's proven portfolio management strengths, the Planview Operational Planning Solution reduces planning costs and increases accuracy by:

Delivering an iterative and collaborative planning platform that engages all groups and functions within an organization
Assessing demand among stakeholders and aligning it with strategy
Balancing capacity with demand across multiple dimensions to make the most of existing resources and to optimally meet business objectives
Gaining deeper and more accurate insights into the financial implications of decisions and plan changes, and the implications of financial targets on departments and lines of business
Dynamically defining how strategies, products, programs, projects, services, and releases all combine to achieve operating goals, and communicating those insights throughout the enterprise
Using leading market intelligence and analysis to enable the Voice of the Customer to influence operational planning decisions

The new solution integrates with industry-leading Planview Enterprise Ideation Management to ensure that the operating plan aligns with an organization's key innovation initiatives.

"Until now, operational planning has typically been done in spreadsheets, with very little collaboration across the company. It's been a labor-intensive, inefficient, highly tactical, and infamously inflexible process," said Patrick Tickle, executive vice president of products, Planview. "Now Planview is helping enterprises improve how they turn strategy into action, with full awareness of the impact of each decision, by making it possible for them to leverage a strategic planning process driven by business imperatives and shaped by reality. With this new class of planning solution, our customers create operating plans that will be meaningful and useful across the enterprise, not just on the day they build them, but also in the coming months and years. This is operational planning for the New Normal, and is what today's organizations need to excel."

Part of the analyst-recognized Planview Enterprise portfolio management platform, the Planview Operational Planning Solution will be available with the next release of Planview Enterprise.

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