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Informatica Announces Data Integration Marketplace

Originally published February 10, 2010

Like Salesforce’s AppExchange for cloud computing, the idea behind the data integration marketplace is to enable its large community of developers and partners to share information and products such as mapplets, vertical solutions and connectors.

“This is a place where we can bring together the 52,000 developers in our community and allow them to showcase their wares,” said Tony Young, CIO at Informatica.

To ensure quality control, initially Informatica will be vetting what goes onto the marketplace to check code is viable. But once Marketplace is more established, it hopes to introduce certification programme and to adopt a peer review process with a start rating calibrating the success of the product and any documentation that goes with it.

“One of the unique things we’re doing is creating a marketplace for buyers to post what they want from sellers, such as a connection to an innocuous system that is not readily used by many people. People can go out and work on that for you,” said Young.

It is also an open platform and the products traded may not specifically be related to Informatica. The company is not aiming to make money from the venture, but hopes that creating an open platform for discussion among customers, partners and developers will provide useful feedback on future product directions and strategy.

The beta version is up and running now.

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