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Renamed and Upgraded: Monarch BI Enterprise Server V5

Originally published February 10, 2010

Datawatch Corporation, a leader in Business Intelligence (BI), announced the general availability of Monarch Business Intelligence Enterprise Server, Version 5. Previously named Datawatch ES, Monarch BI Enterprise Server provides a powerful and cost-effective alternative to complex, database-oriented BI solutions.

“For more than 10 years, Datawatch BI products have allowed us to keep costs down as our business grows,” said Joe Lovati, IT Data Services supervisor for American Home Mortgage Servicing. “There are few technologies available that align so effectively and seamlessly with our existing report infrastructure. Monarch BI Enterprise Server does just that.”

Monarch BI Enterprise Server allows organizations to create the functional equivalent of a data warehouse at a fraction of the cost. With this solution, companies can store and transform existing business documents and reports, such as those created from ERP, CRM, accounting or mainframe applications, into on-demand browser-based or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tables, summaries and charts for immediate online analysis. As a result, Monarch BI Enterprise Server offers an easier, more economical way for providing users with the information they need in the format they want, simply by leveraging the time and knowledge already invested in an organization’s internally or externally generated reports, log files and other business documents.

Designed to easily scale from departmental to enterprise usage, Monarch BI Enterprise Server fully leverages a company’s existing systems. The solution requires a low initial investment and is easy to use, install and maintain. It doesn’t require programming or live database connections, so users with literally a few minutes of training can access and analyze the data they need via a Web browser to make better business decisions.

“We leverage a large-scale stream of Greenbar reports including an abundance of PDF documents, such as copies of letters or year-end reports,” continued Lovati. “We’re particularly excited about Monarch BI Enterprise Server Version 5 because of its ability to archive and store these PDFs, which are typically cumbersome to access, and make them available online for additional analysis. Another big benefit for us is that Monarch BI Enterprise Server will support a virtual server environment, which will allow us to move beyond our current technology infrastructure.”

"Organizations today need easy-to-use, cost-effective BI tools that give them the power to solve daily operational issues without building expensive data marts, using complex data access query tools, or burdening the IT department with requests for custom reports," said John Kitchen, senior vice president and CMO, Datawatch. "Monarch BI Enterprise Server is a pragmatic way to provide everyone from executives to front-line employees quick and easy access to key business information without spending a fortune on implementation, administration, support and training. It’s like getting 80 percent of the functionality of a data warehouse at 20 percent of the cost and five percent of the effort."

Key New Features:

Existing Datawatch ES users will benefit from new features in Monarch BI Enterprise Server V5 including a customizable user interface scheme and enhanced Excel exporting capabilities. Administrators will gain new advantages such as simplified administrative tasks and configurable storage compression to reduce disk space requirements.

Monarch BI Enterprise Server now also allows the storage of unaltered, original reports as a compressed archive side-by-side with working reports to help create a fully document compliant environment.

In addition, the following modules come standard in the base version of Monarch BI Enterprise Server, including two modules, ES Extended Annotation and ES Report Search, which previously were offered at an additional cost:

  • ES Spreadsheet uses Monarch server technology to dynamically transform reports into browser-based or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets tables, summaries and charts
  • ES Report delivers report storage, management and distribution services for the entire enterprise
  • ES Collaboration provides report annotations, discussion threads and emailing
  • ES Extended Annotation allows users to look up reports by annotation and also gives a list of annotations in the report—often used for auditing sign off on reports
  • ES Report Search provides ultra-fast, full-text search of reports with an easy-to-navigate comprehensive list of results

Several optional modules are also available for Monarch BI Enterprise Server:

  • ES PDF adds the ability to mine and store PDF files natively
  • ES Style transforms reports or other text output stored in ES Report into online XML forms such as invoices, complex financial statements, healthcare claims and more for viewing and printing
  • ES TotalView provides powerful, yet easy-to-use interactive analysis of very large report-based datasets, optionally linked with additional data sources, using just a Web browser
  • Datawatch Dashboards combines with ES TotalView to provide the ability to visually analyze report-sourced datasets in a variety of eye-catching graphical chart types
  • ES Cube extends the BI capabilities of Monarch BI Enterprise Server by transforming data selected from reports into a multidimensional data cube on the server and then downloading it to the user's Web browser for powerful drag-and-drop analysis
  • ES Notify allows users or administrators to request an email-based notification when requested report data is online and available within the Monarch BI Enterprise Server Report archive


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