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Cook Children's Health Care System Streamlines Business and HR Operations with Lawson Enterprise Solutions

Originally published February 10, 2010

Lawson Software announced it signed a contract with Cook Children’s Health Care System. Under the contract, Lawson will provide multiple enterprise solutions including Lawson Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Mobile Supply Chain Management, Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management applications. Cook Children’s also selected Lawson Business Intelligence, Learning Accelerator and ProcessFlow Integrator. The contract was signed during Lawson’s second quarter of fiscal 2010, which ended Nov. 30, 2009.

Cook Children’s Health Care System is based in Fort Worth, Texas. The organization has expanded in size and scope, particularly over the last decade when it has added more than $100 million in new facilities to better serve children in North Texas. With the addition of facilities and lines of care, the organization needed a business system that would help it manage supplies, contracts and staff.

Following an intensive search, Cook Children’s chose the Lawson business applications to help improve key business processes. For example, Lawson Mobile Supply Chain Management will help the organization with receiving, delivery and management of supply inventory by automating the collection of supply usage data right where the work is done. Hospital staff members use handheld devices to capture and transmit supply data – in receiving, warehouses, storerooms, mailrooms and par locations. More accurate supply data can help reduce supply costs.

In addition, Cook Children’s will use Lawson Human Resource Management to help streamline core human resources activities. With the Lawson system’s Employee & Manager Self Service function, Cook Children’s employees now have greater control and access to HR activities and information.

“By better integrating our systems and data, we see opportunities to improve business processes and become more nimble as an overall organization,” said Tracy Waller, chief information officer for Cook Children’s Medical Center. “Access to relevant data is key to improving our efficiency and containing costs.”

“Cook Children’s Medical Center is taking the right steps to address the increasing business challenges facing today’s healthcare organizations,” said Jim Catalino, general manager for Lawson Healthcare. “Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are facing non-stop and intense pressure to hold the line on costs and become more efficient – all while managing staff most effectively to meet the needs of patients. It’s a difficult balancing act, but Lawson delivers business systems that help provide greater visibility into accurate data, which allows managers and employees to make better, faster decisions. This leads to greater efficiency and reduced costs, which are paramount in today’s healthcare environment.”

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