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Information Builders Helps PGPD Predict When Crime will Occur and Project Crime Trends

Originally published February 8, 2010

Information Builders, the independent leader in pervasive business intelligence (BI), systems recently announced that the Prince George’s County Police Department (PGPD) in Maryland is in the initial stages of implementing WebFOCUS RStat, which can help PGPD predict when crime will occur and project crime trends.

The department is already using the Active Crime Reporting (ACR) system, a responsive, customer-oriented, proven technology that has been a large part of the county’s dramatic reduction in crime over the past few years. The addition of Information Builders’ WebFOCUS RStat allows commanders and investigators to perform predictive analysis of nuisance areas, serial crimes, and key events, to project crime patterns and pinpoint the date, time, and location of likely incidents. The technology helps the department further reduce crime by anticipating it and assigning resources to prevent criminal incidents.

“Our approach is intelligence-led policing,” explains Police Chief Roberto L. Hylton. “ACR allows us to be proactive rather than reactive. It makes it possible for me to know what’s going on in the field and the department at every minute of the day and to plan our strategy accordingly. It is definitely helping us to reduce crime already. Now we are taking it to the next level: predicting crime and taking steps to prevent it. With RStat, we will be able to predict criminal activity much more precisely based on data revealing past patterns, and then assign officers where they will be most effective to prevent crime. We expect this to be a major step forward in our ability to reduce crime and ensure the safety of our community.”

The system currently has 100 police users and both the ACR and RStat programs will be integrated simultaneously until all 1,600 county officers are part of the systems.

"Prince George’ police department has benefited enormously from WebFOCUS RStat, gaining better insight into current and expected criminal activity," said Gerald Cohen, founder and CEO of Information Builders. "The department was able to leverage business intelligence technology to make well-informed, timely decisions, resulting in lower crime rates and a safer community.”

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