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SwiftKnowledge Gives Customers Powerful, Web-Based, Ad-Hoc BI Capabilities

Originally published February 8, 2010

SwiftKnowledge, LLC, a global provider of web-based business intelligence (BI) software, recently announced SwiftKnowledge for the Enterprise, an intuitive, 100 percent web-based BI application designed for interactive, high-volume use by non-technical business users. Like all SwiftKnowledge offerings, SwiftKnowledge for the Enterprise leverages a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services data infrastructure.

SwiftKnowledge for the Enterprise is based upon SwiftKnowledge’s revolutionary BI platform, which powers a new era of BI applications that deliver an ad-hoc analysis experience to users in web time via a zero-footprint web deployment. With its Interactive Data Streaming (IDS) and Component-Level Security™ (CLS), the SwiftKnowledge platform provides a breakthrough BI user experience featuring patented performance, scalability and security.

“According to Gartner, BI has been the number one technology priority for the last three years, yet organizations still struggle with achieving tangible results and a high rate of user adoption for their BI implementations,” said Allie Gentry, chief technology officer for SwiftKnowledge. “In fact, a 2008 Forrester Research survey found that such a high rate of dissatisfaction exists amongst respondents with regards to the timeliness and flexibility of current BI processes that users often abandon in-place BI solutions in favor of desktop spreadsheets. SwiftKnowledge for the Enterprise addresses these rampant BI issues with our unique technology approach, which provides a robust – yet also practical and sustainable – BI solution for organizations embedding BI into operational applications; seeking an easy-to-use tool for heavy, ad-hoc BI workloads; and operating within the limitations of constrained IT resources.”

Easy-to-Use Technology Benefits Enterprises and Gives Non-Technical Users Ad-Hoc BI Analysis Capabilities
With SwiftKnowledge for the Enterprise, both technical and non-technical users can securely access unified information which may be located across multiple repositories and data systems. They then can easily configure custom analytical views, threshold-driven alerts and visually appealing executive dashboards that simplify their unique reporting and analysis needs – all without requiring IT or developer assistance. In addition, users can easily share the configurable views and analyses they create with other employees, without needing additional downloads or software licenses. Enterprise users also can utilize SwiftKnowledge’s advanced predictive modeling and data mining capabilities to develop advanced BI applications, such as a product recommendation engine based upon customer profiles or a model for understanding the impact of different market variables on financial outcomes.

“We implemented SwiftKnowledge to give us improved visibility into our product development, sales and financial operations,” said G. Thomas Ahern, chief executive officer for Capstone Publishers, the leading publisher of children’s books for school and public libraries. “We release more than 1,000 new titles every year, so it’s critical we understand our customers and our business on a number of different levels. The insight provided by the SwiftKnowledge BI technology – and the flexible manner in which our users can interact with the system, including the use of automated, daily alerts right to our iPhones – enables us to monitor our performance against the key metrics we have set for the company.”

More than 500 companies and 10,000 users worldwide enjoy a wide variety of benefits from their SwiftKnowledge technology, including:

•    Rapid deployment – The entire SwiftKnowledge platform is 100 percent browser-based, with no downloads or plug-ins to complicate deployment to end-user computers or mobile devices.

•    Ad-hoc analysis in “web time” – Its patented, in-memory technology allows large numbers of SwiftKnowledge users to get answers to ad-hoc analyses within seconds, enabling greater interactive data exploration.

•    Easy integration with a variety of applications – The SwiftKnowledge look-and-feel and functionality can be easily, extensively customized to seamlessly integrate any part of the platform with in-house, commercial on-premise, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications or appliances.

•    Granular security – The patented SwiftKnowledge CLS delivers targeted content, features and functionality according to a user’s role and profile, and secures data granularly down to the individual cell, for dramatically enhanced security and flexibility.

•    Increased scalability at a decreased cost – The patented SwiftKnowledge IDS uses virtual and physical tables combined with a proprietary packet engine to deliver extremely high performance and scalability while using less hardware than other solutions – an approach that minimizes hardware expenses for both in-house and cloud computing deployments.

•    Low user support and administration costs – SwiftKnowledge’s speed and simplicity put users in control, allowing them to perform ad-hoc analysis without the traditional dependence on expensive BI customization and support specialists.

“The comprehensive information analysis provided by SwiftKnowledge benefits enterprises in a multitude of ways,” Gentry said.  “They’re able to respond more quickly to problems or opportunities; automatically and proactively push out critical, actionable information; align financial metrics to maximize performance and success; identify and mitigate risk at all levels of the organization; reduce errors and eliminate redundancy by automating manual, time-consuming processes; and identify and analyze change drivers, trends and inflection points – all by easily accessing and understanding information stored across multiple systems.”

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