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Teradata Announces Partnership with Itron

Originally published February 5, 2010

Teradata Corporation the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, recently announced its partnership with Itron Inc., the world’s leading provider of intelligent metering, data collection and utility software solutions. The companies’ shared belief in the emerging importance of energy consumption analytics drives the collaboration.

Itron and Teradata are pooling their expertise to create Active SmartGrid Analytics, a single software analytics platform. The components of Active SmartGrid Analytics are the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse and Utility Logical Data Model and Itron Enterprise Edition™ Meter Data Management (IEE MDM). This new platform allows energy companies to access integrated customer, financial and operational information, and perform advanced analytics on this data without impacting operational activities. 

“Consumption analytics is a critical capability for utility companies that want to realize maximum return on their smart metering and smart grid investments,” said Julie Hance, vice president of software solutions for Itron North America.

Using Active SmartGrid Analytics, utilities can load a wide-range of information in near-real time into their enterprise data warehouse, from power generation through consumption by the consumer for any and all systems related to their smart grid program.  That information can then be combined with historical and real-time operations, financial, and customer information in order to identify and leverage relationships between the data.  This analysis can show how customers use energy, and can lead to recommendations for more efficient energy use.  The analysis can also show utility companies how to best use their energy generation and grid assets to meet consumption demand.

“Interval data and on-demand reads made accessible through smart metering provide utilities and retail energy providers with the means to manage carbon, reduce capital investment requirements and deliver new products to customers,” said Practice Director of Business Technology at IDC Energy Insights, Jill Feblowitz. “Near-real time loading of data can facilitate quick business decisions required for demand response and buy-back of customer-owned generation.  Analytics applied to consumption, customer and network data provides a wealth of customer and operational intelligence that can be used for longer term planning.”

The Brattle Group in a 2009 report called “Transforming America's Power Industry,” stated that $880 billion will be spent by utilities in the United States over the next 20 years for improvements in metering, communications, distribution and transmission. 

“Utilities are deploying smart grids at record pace.  Active SmartGrid Analytics meets the needs of this fast-growing market.  Our active data warehouse technology coupled with Itron’s industry-leading advanced metering facilitates smarter decisions, and is easy to operate and maintain,” said Terry Burns, executive consultant, energy and utilities, Teradata Corporation.

Teradata has previously announced energy customers using its Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse to support their efforts to analyze data about consumers and energy use.  The Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platform is purpose-built to run on the Teradata Database with high efficiency and the ability to provide near real-time information about the business.  The Teradata Utility Logical Data Model organizes data to make it accessible, enables reuse of data in other applications, highlights data integrity problems, provides comprehensive documentation of data, and results in time and cost savings.

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