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Turkey's Social Security Institution Adopts Attunity CDC

Originally published February 2, 2010

Attunity Ltd. a leading provider of real-time data integration and event capture software, recently announced that its Attunity Stream product, with real-time and low-impact CDC technology, has been adopted by the Turkish government's Social Security Institution (SGK), serving 60 million people, to enable the delivery of timely and integrated information required for improving customer service, enhancing employee productivity and increasing business process efficiencies.

To support their objectives, SGK embarked on an e-government initiative aimed at delivering a real-time data warehouse and self-service business intelligence capabilities. These would improve decision support and enable senior managers, auditors and more than 2,000 business users to independently access information in real-time. In turn, SGK would be able to improve its responsiveness to the people and organizations of Turkey who depend on them to provide timely and efficient support and services.

"Making timely information available was truly challenging for an organization like SGK, consisting of three different entities including the Retirement Fund, Social Insurance, and the Self-employment Fund," explained Bunyamin Karadeniz, Project Manager at Havelsan Inc., the leading system integrator chosen by SGK to design and implement their solution. "With high volumes of data stored across legacy mainframe systems, business users were forced to rely on the IT department for every information request, which took a long time given the lack of modern tools and technology. This resulted in delays and insufficient, outdated information for decision support, thus making accurate planning and timely response nearly impossible. For example, preparing reports for auditors would take up to ten days to complete, often causing delays in processing insurance claims. Since millions rely on SGK's support to live and prosper, it became an imperative to improve operational efficiencies and make timely information available."

To meet these challenges, the solution put in place leveraged Attunity Stream's low-impact CDC technology for efficient and frequent data extraction from DB2 databases on SGK's mainframe systems, so fresh data is loaded to their data warehouse and made available for business intelligence purposes. With CDC by Attunity seamlessly complementing their Oracle-based business intelligence and middleware environment, the most current, accurate information is now available at the user's fingertips in mere seconds. And, SGK had a technology stack that enabled efficient data processing with reduced dependency on IT resources.

"Attunity proved to be the right partner as well as the right technology," said Ayla Gemalmaz, Decision Support Manager at SGK. "Their technical know-how and responsiveness were instrumental in making the project a success and helping us achieve our objectives."

"We are pleased that Attunity Stream was chosen to enable such a critical project," said Menachem Brouk, Regional Director at Attunity. "We are confident that SGK and the people of Turkey will benefit from the real-time information made available by our CDC technology, as we see with other customers around the world using it to improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase revenues."

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