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Segmetrix Deploys Kognitio’s WX2 Database Solution

Originally published February 1, 2010

Kognitio, a leading global provider of business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing solutions, recently announced that BI management consultancy Segmetrix will deploy Kognitio's high-performance analytical, in-memory WX2 database solution via a Data Warehousing as a Service (DaaS) subscription model to power its Match2Lists.com data matching service.  By using WX2, Segmetrix will be able to streamline the time-consuming process of matching, cleaning and de-duplicating marketing data. Customers will be able to simply upload their data and then download the completed list within minutes.

When different organizations, and even areas of an organization, record complex data in a number of ways, matching this information and readying it for marketing use can prove daunting. For example, CRM data might need to be matched with financial data, service reports or external marketing lists to provide accurate insight into customers. Comparing these lists could mean comparing and matching thousands or even millions of items of data, such as matching 100,000 customer details with 1,000,000 residents of a city: a task with 100,000,000,000 possible combinations. At the same time, marketers must be aware of variations in how that data has been entered. Traditionally, this would require expensive, specialized software and skills to be employed, beyond the reach of most marketing departments.

Available online, Match2Lists.com is a service that permits anyone to match, compare and clean data lists quickly and effectively. Using a powerful Match Visualizer and intelligent algorithms created by Segmetrix, the Match2Lists software-as-a-service offering allows marketers to upload their own data lists, whether of b2b or consumer data, adjust the parameters of any match, rapidly re-match data and verify the accuracy of the final list. By using Match2Lists.com, any marketer can start and complete their data cleansing task in minutes, turning a long, tedious and complex task into a simple, straightforward exercise. Match2Lists can be used on a "pay-as-you-go" or subscription basis, with pricing plans which cater for any company size whether they will be matching thousands, millions or billions of items.

The processing power to perform these tasks is provided by Kognitio's WX2 analytical, in-memory database, deployed via Kognitio's Data Warehousing as a Service (DaaS™) model. Thanks to its massively parallel, in-memory processing, Match2Lists can provide its users with extremely fast responses to their matching projects, with results measured in minutes and seconds, despite the service being entirely on-line and running complex algorithms. The power of WX2 means that Match2Lists can accommodate many thousands of users simultaneously with no risk to performance. At the same time, Kognitio's DaaS deployment model means that Match2Lists always has the correct amount of computing power for its needs, never too much or too little. Kognitio's WX2 platform and DaaS model have enabled Segmetrix to develop a true cloud computing, software-as-a-service offering.

"We're excited that Segmetrix has chosen WX2 via DaaS™ as the enabling technology for the Match2Lists offering," explains Roger Llewellyn, CEO and President of Kognitio. "WX2 continues to break new ground in empowering analytics and this on-demand service is a testament to the database's flexible capabilities as well as our low-cost, high-flexibility deployment model."

"Match2Lists service allows organizations to spend more time using their data to execute their business and less resources on managing data complexity," added Amr Hassan, CEO of Segmetrix. "By using Kognitio WX2 and our own Intelligent Matching Logic, we can offer speed, simplicity and low cost to organizations, that was previously unheard of in this space."

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