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Nstein Technologies Announces the Release of Semantic Site Search

Originally published November 17, 2009

Nstein Technologies Inc., a provider in digital content management solutions for information-rich enterprises, recently announced the release of a new product, Semantic Site Search (3S). “3S is a front-end, multi-index search engine designed to provide users an unparalleled search experience,” said Nstein CTO Jean-Michel Texier. 3S leverages Nstein's patented text-mining technology to power a faceted site search which returns highly accurate results that are organized categorically.

“Standard, statistical site search often doesn't give users the results they are looking for,” continued Texier. “Matching simple keywords against hundreds of thousands of documents sometimes returns a lot of irrelevant results. 3S provides an entirely different experience.”

3S can ingest content from many different indices from many different web publishing platforms, meaning it indexes material across multiple properties. It then applies Nstein's patented semantic enrichment process to it. 3S' embedded Text Mining Engine (TME) identifies concepts, categories, proper names, places, organizations, sentiment and topics in particular content pieces and then annotates those documents, creating a semantic fingerprint that exposes underlying nuances and meaning in content.

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