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BeyeNETWORK Announces Business Intelligence Trends

Originally published October 27, 2009

The BeyeNETWORK's Business and Data Integration Newsletter has been renamed as the Business Intelligence Trends Newsletter. Two of the industry’s most highly regarded experts – Claudia Imhoff and Colin White –are co-anchoring this newsletter that will focus on the latest trends that are impacting the way organizations effectively choose and use the wide variety of available technologies to gain the best possible return on their investments. Understanding the choices and the consequences of the choices made is not easy; and through the newsletter articles, Claudia and Colin will clearly explain the impact, benefits and challenges of current trends so that organizations are armed with the information they need to make the best choices.

“To have two world-renowned experts writing joint articles for this newsletter is a dream come true for our site visitors,” says Ron Powell, cofounder and editorial director of the BeyeNETWORK. “Claudia and Colin have been integral members of the Network since it began in 2004, and they have regularly evolved their coverage of the industry to reflect the needs of worldwide organizations. This Newsletter is further evidence of their commitment to business intelligence, the technology and the users.”

Regular subscribers to the Business and Data Integration Newsletter will automatically receive Business Intelligence Trends today. Non-subscribers may subscribe by clicking this link

To view the first edition of this newsletter, click here.


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