TIBCO Announces the General Availability of TIBCO iProcess Spotfire

Originally published October 7, 2009

TIBCO Software Inc. recently announced the general availability of TIBCO iProcess Spotfire, a solution that adds a rich layer of next generation business intelligence (BI) to business process management (BPM). With iProcess Spotfire, business users have the unique ability to create personalized, real-time process reports, and analyze and modify processes in the context of the business for immediate, positive impacts on business performance.

When enterprises leverage BPM software to model and automate core business processes, they need to be able to monitor and continuously improve those processes. Traditional BPM reporting tools provide a "one size fits all" dashboard that fails to take into account the needs of different users. Competitive pressures, combined with user expectations for real-time information, require faster access to the right information.

"TIBCO is constantly striving to provide our BPM customers with the most highly-sophisticated business intelligence without sacrificing ease-of-use," said Rourke McNamara, Director of Product Marketing at TIBCO. "With the integration of TIBCO iProcess and TIBCO Spotfire, we are providing our customers with invaluable business insight and the ability to visualize and adjust their business environments in real time, ultimately increasing operational efficiency."

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