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OfficeMax will use the ParAccel Analytic Database to Enhance the Company’s Data Warehousing Environment

Originally published August 10, 2009

ParAccel, Inc., provider of the record-breaking ParAccel Analytic Database, a high-speed, low-effort, massively parallel (MPP) columnar database management system (DBMS) for data warehousing and analytics, recently announced that OfficeMax, a provider of office supplies and services, will use the ParAccel Analytic Database to enhance the company’s data warehousing environment. 
After extensive due diligence that included 12 other database products and concluded with an on-site proof of concept (POC) comparing two columnar-MPP database vendors, OfficeMax selected the ParAccel Analytic Database.  In this comprehensive, customer-driven POC, the ParAccel Analytic Database demonstrated more than 20X performance improvement over OfficeMax’s current data warehouse environment.  The ParAccel Analytic Database was also the only solution that met the requirements of a demanding market basket analysis (complex analytic queries that require sophisticated joining on detailed sales history).  This was critically important as OfficeMax is seeking to improve its merchandizing capabilities and optimize promotions, shelf space and product placement for promotional selling seasons and everyday offerings. 
OfficeMax’s high-volume data processing workload required extensive and frequent tuning, and specific complex queries often took over six hours to complete.  In the on-site trial, the ParAccel Analytic Database ran these complex queries in less than 20 minutes and will ultimately augment the current environment with powerful ad-hoc capabilities.
“We are honored that OfficeMax has selected the ParAccel Analytic Database to enhance their data warehouse platform,” said ParAccel President and CEO David Ehrlich.  “This prestigious customer win represents the best of what ParAccel enables—the ability to remedy an existing data warehouse environment and to deploy breakthrough, previously infeasible business applications by leveraging industry-leading performance, price-performance and simplicity.”

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