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Jenzabar Announces the Release of New Jenzabar Institutional Intelligence Products

Originally published July 27, 2009

Jenzabar, Inc., a provider of software, services and strategies for higher education, recently announced the release of new Jenzabar Institutional Intelligence products. Offering strong reporting and analytical capabilities, the Jenzabar products help colleges and universities monitor the health of their institutions and provide executives with effective, actionable information on the areas that have the greatest impact on institutional success.

Going a step beyond standard business metrics, the Jenzabar Institutional Intelligence products support the extensive measures that are vital to higher education. These include keeping pace with changing goals and strategies and changing constituents, who represent the core business of higher education institutions. Supporting the ultimate goals of recruitment and retention of the best students, financial health, regulatory compliance, and fundraising success, these tools give executives direct access to critical records through a standardized interface, with assurance of data integrity.

When integrated with the Jenzabar EX or Jenzabar CX administrative systems, Jenzabar's Institutional Intelligence solution allows the institution to analyze a wide range of office and project statistics from a single database. In addition, Jenzabar has leveraged its long-standing partnership with IBM-Cognos®, a world leader of business intelligence and performance planning software, to seamlessly integrate Cognos 8 reporting tools with its Institutional Intelligence solution, allowing for fast, powerful and flexible reporting on all institutional data residing in the Jenzabar solution.

"Evaluating the effectiveness of operational initiatives and forecasting future trends can be extremely challenging for higher education institutions, especially amidst a changing economy," said Robert A. Maginn, Jr., Jenzabar Chairman and CEO. "Jenzabar's Institutional Intelligence solution was designed to address the need for executives to have easy access to and a clear understanding of institution-wide data, and the capability to apply this data to future planning and strategic decision making."

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