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Panopticon Software Begins Shipping New Versions of its Award-Winning Monitoring and Analysis Software

Originally published July 15, 2009

Panopticon Software, a provider of Treemap data visualization software recently announced that it has begun shipping new versions of its award-winning monitoring and analysis software. The company's new Software Development Kit (SDK) supports Java and .NET environments and incorporates the latest thinking in best practices for information display, comprehension and analysis across historic and rapidly changing datasets. The new Panopticon EX product platform is designed for fast deployment at the enterprise or workgroup level and is a complete self-contained system that allows users to build and publish sophisticated real-time business intelligence (BI) dashboards in minutes.

The new 5.2 release of Panopticon EX extends its real-time business activity monitoring capabilities to support a wider range of real-time business intelligence requirements. The strength of the EX platform is that it minimizes the data latency found in traditional BI systems and also minimizes analysis and action latencies using pre-attentive data visualization techniques combined with a fast in-memory OLAP cube. The new release includes a number of new features, including support for the Bullet Graph, a specialized data visualization developed by visualization expert Stephen Few as a superior alternative to the traditional speedometers and gauges typically used in information dashboards.
The new 5.3 release of Panopticon Developer SDK includes a set of fully interactive information visualizations for displaying, monitoring and analyzing time series and static data sets. This SDK is the foundation of the EX platform and consequently the new version of Developer also supports the Bullet Graph. The new release also includes a data connector to Microsoft Excel that supports real-time streaming feeds, making it easier than ever to visualize data from real-time streaming sources such as Bloomberg and Reuters in Business Intelligence Dashboards. Developer 5.3 is available in either Java or .NET editions and allows programmers to embed data analytics tools into their own existing enterprise applications.
Willem De Geer, Managing Director of Panopticon, stated, "Our developers have done an outstanding job with these new Real-Time Business Intelligence products. They are much more than incremental advances; the new information visualizations and OLAP capabilities built into these systems will help more companies make more effective use of their time and their data resources. Our clients include some of the largest corporations in the world as well as many small firms. They will all benefit from the new capabilities in these new systems, whether they only need to make advanced interactive Treemaps and Heatmaps available to their users or if they want to create sophisticated, multi-paged BI Dashboards for use by senior executives."

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