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Introducing BeyeNETWORK's CloudTalk Newsletter

Originally published July 15, 2009

The BeyeNETWORK is pleased to introduce the CloudTalk Newsletter. Each issue of this monthly newsletter will feature articles and expert interviews discussing the benefits as well as the challenges of cloud computing within and beyond the enterprise.

The newsletter will feature interviews with both business and technology thought leaders and credible experts in the field including customers and leading cloud infrastructure (systems, software) providers. There will also be a listing of cloud computing events and other pertinent resources.

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The expert interviews will focus on questions such as:

  • What is your vision of cloud computing?

  • What are the customer benefits for cloud infrastructure and applications?

  • What are customer challenges for selecting and deploying cloud-based solutions?

  • What are some of the leading vendor approaches and benefits for cloud computing customers?

  • What are customer success factors and best practices for cloud computing?

Business Considerations

The interviews will also discuss cloud business considerations, including questions such as:
  • How can enterprises determine the long-term TCO and ROI for their cloud-based infrastructure and enterprise applications?

  • What are the financial bottom line and budgetary effects of conversion from fixed IT infrastructure costs to variable cloud service costs?

  • How would the adoption of cloud services contribute to the long-term improvement of the IT costs?

  • Which enterprise infrastructure and applications are best fits for migration to the cloud?  Which applications can be moved to the cloud faster and will provide the best ROI?

  • What are the business risks associated with the cloud migration (cloud security, single source vendor lock-in and strategies for risk mitigation)?

  • What are the key cloud infrastructure and application service level agreements (SLAs)? Do cloud service providers guarantee these SLAs?

  • What are the pros and cons of cost factors such as consumption-based billing and long-term contracts that the enterprise should keep in mind while selecting and negotiating with the cloud vendors?

  • Can you imagine your customer getting a “link not found” response to your web service? Can you imagine a fire or earthquake destroying a data center that has no back up? What should you do to avoid situations of this type?

  • What type of applications should be kept on the legacy systems? What are the cost, feasibility and security implications of integrating legacy systems with the private and public clouds?

Technology Considerations

Technology questions to be addressed include:
  • What are the key technologies, practices, security standards and protocols needed to secure the cloud?

  • What are the scalability, performance and network bandwidth issues associated with the cloud and how can you obtain guaranteed service level agreements (SLA) from the providers?

  • What availability and redundancy issues are associated with cloud computing?

  • What should an enterprise know about support for standards, the need for customization, transparency, integration and interoperability of enterprise applications with the public clouds? Why is there a need for an end-to-end architecture to fully and securely integrate enterprise applications with the cloud infrastructure and web services?

Emerging Cloud Technologies

We will also discuss enabling technologies (such as Hadoop) and their impact on both private and public clouds as well as the future generations of enterprise infrastructure and applications.

In addition to the CloudTalk newsletter, the BeyeNETWORK has recently launched my cloud computing expert channel. Don’t forget to regularly check my expert channel and blog for the latest and most credible information on all things related to cloud computing.

To subscribe to the CloudTalk Newsletter, please click here.

  • Cyrus GolkarCyrus Golkar
    Cyrus Golkar is an information technology executive with a unique combination of entrepreneurial, business and technical expertise, and more than 20 years of experience in enterprise software, database, analytics, web services and cloud computing.

    Previously, Cyrus led Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) $2 billion database, business intelligence and data warehousing business for 9 years, recommended the acquisition of and investment in database companies, and led the development of Sun's data warehouse appliance.
    He is also the co-founder of several companies, including 3Bubbles
    (acquired) with the creators of Jabber, the open standard for web-based instant messaging.

    At Siemens/Pyramid, Cyrus was recognized by the CEO for the creation of "Smart Warehouse" an industry leading data warehousing business that generated $200 million in annual revenue. He also held leadership and technical positions at Open Text and GE.

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